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Outsource to India – Multilingual Business process outsourcing solution

PIE is a leading Multilingual outsourcing firm, providing business process solutions to conglomerates and constantly endeavors to solve their complex business processes by offering domain expertise, continuous innovation across numerous industry segments by engaging skillful talent. We partner with clients by focusing on core business strengths in developing desired solutions for sustainable long term strategic growth.

Our customized, tailor made multifaceted services is focused to obtain long term benefits for our clients, providing competent services in multiple disciplines like Business Process Outsourcing, Finance and Accounting, Market Research Outsourcing and Virtual Assistant Services.

Our experienced multilingual assistants offer wide range of support to the clients resulting in fruitful customer relations by responding to business / customer need(s) on immediate basis. We aim to assist leading corporations in their organizational activities in becoming competent and efficient in their performance for long term sustainability and business growth.

Add our services to your advantage:

  • Unique, tactical and distinct approach to each project
  • Continuous and prompt customer support
  • Affordable customized model that suits business requirements
  • User friendly tools resulting in enriched customer experience
  • Access to latest and sophisticated IT services

PIE strives on providing smart solution(s) and sustainable business process outsourcing partnership to multinational corporations through systematic planning, integrated delivery methods, client focus and commitment that provides an upper edge to all our clients in dynamic business environment for achieving greater efficiencies and better results. Our competences exist in providing back-to-back, uninterrupted solutions that benefits business in the long run.

Our technical know-how and an array of multidimensional business practices has been a success factor behind many great brands.

Outsource to India and stay ahead with our multilingual specialized services.

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PIE MULTILINGUAL SERVICES is a global professional service firm committed to provide a wide range of outsourcing solution with diversified client base to meet the demand of various corporate houses. Our multi dimensional portfolio rests on four major aspects: Language Services, Market Research, Business Process Outsourcing and Creative Services. With a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds....

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