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We, at Pie Multilingual Services are receptive to the new ideas of clients. In order to maintain the same, we safeguard the secrecy and privacy of every project and deal of individual clients and corporations. We prefer the desired means of approach as specified by the customer himself and the identity is not disclosed. In this highly competitive world, your confidentiality is significant to us and we tend to preserve it under any circumstance.


We possess the ability to come up to your expectations by developing a quality agenda and are quick to market with excellent quality and willingness to provide superior deliverables. Our delivery is far from assumptions as it is our final work that we present to you after it has undergone a quality check. Our collaborative effort helps our organization stand in a wide range of industry standards.


The platform of PIE MULTILINGUAL has a dedicated passion to achieve results. Our process serves a substantial long-term impact, inculcating in them effective cost, quality and associated risks of the operation. We are here to facilitate you with innovative solutions which could prove fruitful on either side.

About us

PIE MULTILINGUAL SERVICES is a global professional service firm committed to provide a wide range of outsourcing solution with diversified client base to meet the demand of various corporate houses. Our multi dimensional portfolio rests on four major aspects: Language Services, Market Research, Business Process Outsourcing and Creative Services. With a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds of our seasoned multilingual professionals, we are able to manage your projects very efficiently. Since years we are looking forward to surmount all the challenges thrown upon it.


Since our inception, having a mindset of conquering all the foreign languages, we deliver true business value to our clients going beyond simply executing projects within boundaries of time, scope, cost and quality. Our team consists of a mixture of specialists in myriad of disciplines following the most scientific deep domain expertise toward profitability, predictability, sustained growth, and 100% percent customer satisfaction from all corners & edges.

Our pinpointing capabilities portray our collaborative work. We are the ones delivering not only immediate and productive results but are ready to face immense challenges in innumerous fields in variegated languages. We are highly passionate about our creativity and leadership skills to win the trust resulting in long term preferred partnership with utmost perfection.


The insight and services of our professionals are unsurpassed and dedicated to come across unrivalled opportunities to provide unparalleled outcome having a true focus on sustainability in a diverse work environment. Their core expertise is reflected through the medium of the work they perform. We provide extraordinary support to the people we hire for theirs as well as the company’s success and growth.


We possess the caliber to peep into the perspective of our clients and fulfill their requirements, also when it is related to languages like Spanish, German, Korean, Polish etc. We look to hire those with analytical mind and leadership value and who support, care and respect the insight and ideas of others. For serving as a multilingual platform, we generally tend to work with native speakers to provide premium services. Having the potential to execute global perspectives, we have a worldwide span with a distinctive approach. We are approachable wherever and whenever you’ll call us for support.

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Case Studies

Explore thoroughly into the pages of our diary representing our constructive approach of helping others. By combining our skills, we climbed from being multi dimensional to a troubleshooter. We serve as a multilingual platform for the leading companies, stepping onto which their business horizon extended.

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