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Factors such as prior experience, outsourcing capabilities, Multilingual business support, good customer reviews, and work ethics play a crucial role in helping a company stands out from its competitors. Customers often look for outsourcing companies that have state-of-the-art infrastructure, appropriate resources, required expertise, and ample experience to deliver excellent results. More importantly, customers focus on the approach followed by an outsourcing company in delivering expected results. We at Pie Multilingual ensure highest customer satisfaction and maintain client proximity with our highly skilled talent pool, in-depth market analysis, domain expertise, superior communication, and years-long industry experience. We follow a four-step process to ensure quality services with timely and efficient delivery.


1. Establishing Contact and Analyzing Client Needs

Once you fill query form of our website, our sales team personnel will contact you on call or by an email. The initial details provided by the client help us in:

  • Understanding the key requirements of the client
  • Analyzing and comprehending the requirements in detail

2. Finalizing the budgets and signing agreements

Once you provide your consent on approval of the project with the agreed requirements, we come up with an appropriate budget for your project. A proposal has to be created and duly signed by both parties before commencement of the project. This stage involves:

  • Confirming the details of pricing
  • Creating a proposal accordingly
  • Signing the contracts, SLA, and other agreements

3. Initiation of the Project

Once the project is finalized, we can proceed with:

  • Deployment of resource and training sessions
  • Project kick-off meeting

4. Execution of Project

Once the resources have been allocated, budgets froze, and training sessions delivered, it is time to execute the project. This stage involves:

  • Management and execution of the project
  • Regular reporting, monitoring, and acquiring feedback for the project in progress


Our long existing systems, standardized approach, and well-defined processes help us successfully complete your projects from initiation to delivery. Our state-of-the-art data security systems guarantee 360-degree Information Security and Confidentiality Assurance to all our customers. Our talented pool of experts ensures that your projects are delivered in swift turnaround time.

What make us stand out from our competitors are our strong multilingual proficiency, multi-country presence, and multi-dimensional approach to successfully execute every project. We have successfully executed various prime projects for our esteemed clients located worldwide over the past successful years of service. Our diverse services are success factor behind multiple brands belonging to fortune 500 companies.

If you still have any doubts about outsourcing, contact us to know more about outsourcing to India. Get an empirical idea from our experts about how outsourcing can help your business grow to the next level. Your view on outsourcing will never be the same thereafter.

We strive to provide maximum value to our customer with outstanding services. Our customer-centric and focused approach helps us deliver impeccable services to our customers. Get in touch with us to get a customized quote today!

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