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Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing (CATI) has now become the most important aspect of communications in the businesses these days as it helps in effective communication with the customers. An interactive front end system using computers is what we call a CATI which enables interviewers or seekers to ask questions over the telephone using this efficient interactive front end system, helping them to derive desired information without any tiring processes of planning and managing it.

Businesses these days are hiring multilingual CATI service company offering firms as they provide quality services in fast turnaround time and in a very much low cost. CATI has now become a world class customer assistance program and is said to be one of the most suitable selection for business research.

CATI Services Offered By (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing) Multilingual Experts

CATI serves as a vital tool for gathering of rich and valuable information about customers, competitors, retailers, physicians, and industry executives and that’s why has become imperative for companies to use this tool. Below are mentioned the products of a multilingual CATI service company:

The complete interview process

Online reporting

Unlimited number of interview questionnaires

Access to database and proper updates

Accessing data for website and the server side

Touch tone response recording

Professionally recorded Question reminders

Voice response recording and many more

Following are the benefits mentioned of outsourcing multilingual CATI services providing company:
The companies get the concrete and relevant data without going through a long ordeal of in house planning and management.

  • The work done or data offered by a CATI offering companies is the more realistic and have very much rational questionnaire designs.
  • The CATI research methodology contains in-depth interviews, opinion polls, market survey assessment and appointment settings for the consumers, thus removing the later hassle.
  • The 24*7 virtual customer assistance offered is one of the main reason as it will help in bridging the gaps in between the companies and the customers.
  • Quality assurance of CATI research services in competitive cost and swift turnaround time is what makes it an icing on the cake.

Partner With An CATI Market Research Expert – Multilingual CATI Outsourcing Services

Pie Multilingual is one such firm offering customized CATI solutions for B2B, B2C industrial segments. The in-house professionals of the firm are the multiple language experts in native resources, quality centric approach, and delivery speed help us deliver flawless CATI services, called as the CATI service experts.

The highly skilled callers who are trained for research, voice modulation, and mock calls for ensuring successful CATI research surveys. In order to get customized cost-effective multilingual valuable insights in an up standard customer assistance program, Contact CATI Expert Now!

PIE Multilingual Services is a Business Service company that helps to cut operation cost. By providing superior service at economical cost this company is able to generate extra revenue for them.