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outsourcing university transcription requirements

Universities across the globe have a vast amount of media files generated on daily basis through expert’s seminar, conferences, external vivas or the classroom sessions. The audio or the video hours thus generated can be both academic and official. In order to deliver these to a wider audience, there is a need of transcription experts providing accurate results by being economical for the institutions. Finding a right transcription partner who will work in accordance of the client’s guidelines and ensures speedy delivery of the transcribed files is a kind of a job for the universities.

The companies wherein institutions outsource university transcription services to perform tasks that range from research reports transcription, conference transcriptions, question and answer session transcription, focus group study transcription to journal, academic articles transcriptions and many more. Many firms working on university audio transcription outsourcing in India are favoring their vendors by matching to their exact requirements.


There are many trusted names that comes into picture when it comes to audio transcription outsourcing in India. The latest technological development has made our country’s firms a top priority when it comes to delegating university lecture transcription services giving multiple business benefits, some benefits are listed below:

  • The tried and tested step by step process followed by these companies ensures 99% quality transcripts in the short time frames.
  • The flexible and cost-effective pricing of the audio transcription experts has proved to be the best capital investment.
  • Transcription companies are providing supports on various audio, video formats like, .WAV, .MP3, .MPEG, .DAT and other formats like .DOC,.PMD etc.
  • The high degree of confidentiality and security promises of the data by the companies the university lecture transcription services are outsourced to is one of the main reasons for companies delegating tasks to these organizations.
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At Pie Multilingual Our main motto is to offer the best transcription services by creating high quality, professional text versions of the audio hours, visual content. We follow the customer friendly yet efficient processes for the speedy delivery of the solutions to the customers.

Over the past decades our multi lingual experts have worked with some of the world’s top universities and is known for transparent and qualitative work making it an ideal choice for outsourcing university speech transcription with cost effective pricing. With the use of latest technology our qualified transcribers provided 100% error free output in accordance to the customer requirements providing wide variety of file formats with 24*7 customer services.

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