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A transcription service by all means is a process of converting an oral file, in the forms of audio/video, into texts. A perceived concept indicates that written texts are more easily recognized as compared to the audio ones. Transcribing voice documents for internal as well as external communication is a business need when it comes to distribution of documents largely for webinars or seminars, conferences and meetings. Online transcriptions are converted into manual ones for such purposes. Outsourcing transcription services in this regards is a valuable endeavor undertaken majorly by large organizations who want to get their assignments transcribed since a lot of their experienced workforce is engaged in other skills. Read on to find what help transcription services outsourcing can be to your organization:

Audio transcription Outsourcing benefits

Specialized services: Being at the forefront on providing multilingual audio transcription services, our transcriptionists are proficient at converting an audio file of one language into a written document in another. However they are also experts at doing the vice-versa, converting a written translation into an audio file. (Just in case you thinking if we do subtitling for movies, we must tell you that yes it is one of our most specialized services).

Experienced staff: Transcription skill is a difficult one to achieve thus making it one the most expensive in-house expertise. Transcription services are popular in the field of medical, media, legal and others. Outsourcing them controls operating costs and exposes business to skilled resources of the partner. Pie employs professional transcriptionists who are domain experts and posses pertinent knowledge in their native language. Multilingual transcription services that they provide are quick and affordable.

Economic services: What goes round comes round. Earlier, when audio-visual mode of transmitting information was missing, newsworthy matters were jotted down. Then, with the coming of age technology, everything was being recorded. But now apart from audio motion graphics, files in written forms are equally respected. There is a radical growth in the interview transcription services and outsourcing these is the most sought after preference since it saves a lot of time and energy. Our one-stop portal offers proficient, competent and cost-efficient foreign language transcription services in diverse domains like medical, financial, hospitality and online transcription services.

Data security: our stringent data measures promise confidentiality and data security. As a multilingual transcription partner, you can entrust us with all your related needs and be assured of the services. We accept and provide output in any (or all) format.

Practicability: there are times when requirements are huge and maintaining data becomes a tedious job. It is during this time when the need to outsource arises. On other days, the data can be managed in-house. For example, Medical transcription services are now being outsourced and the growth has been radical since there is a huge demand to document medical events. As a partner, the client gets to decide when they want to outsource.

Outsourcing transcription services to India- Multiple Business benefits

When you choose us as your preferred multilingual transcription partner, you get access to the multifaceted and multilingual transcription services. We have been offering quality, customized, 100% accurate multilingual transcription services in a variety of domains like Legal, medical and media sectors, for years. Proofs are our clients who entrust us with all their multilingual needs.

Partnering with Multilingual Transcription Expert is a way to reduce your work load significantly. Multilingual Transcription experts would be able to balance your work load in an effective way to run your business smoothly. PIE Multilingual Services is a company working with multiple companies to provide on time transcription at cost effective price. So what are you waiting for?

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