Business Process Outsourcing – Shift in Outlook

Business Process Outsourcing to India

Business process outsourcing has taken centre stage in today’s times with an emphasized shift of outsourcing work to Asian countries like India, Philippines and others. And rightly so! What with the many advantages gained by the American and European countries as they get their work outsourced from the countries in the East.

Key Drivers to Business Process Outsourcing in Asian Countries

The primary driver to this shift to outsourcing is the cost factor. The Western countries get quality manpower for a fraction of the cost which would have to be otherwise paid in greater amounts of dollars and pounds. The complementary time zones ensure that work is carried on for 24×7 hours of the day and hence more work can be done within the same period of time. Manpower in the Eastern countries is intelligent and qualified and can be trained to talk with the required foreign accent and hence the quality of service offered is one of the best. Two options are exercised in this regard; establishment of captive companies for the purpose or outsourcing turnkey projects.

Change in Perception of Multilingual Business Process Outsourcing

The first wave of outsourcing came in the IT industry which laid the foundation of the BPO phenomena in the Asian countries. However, the manner in which this work was viewed earlier was very different from how it is viewed in today’s times. Earlier, all call centre work was left to be done by individuals with minimum education and was not deemed to be fit for graduates from reputed universities. However, all this changed when countries like India, Philippines, China etc took to BPO in a big way.

The stellar results that were and are being delivered by the BPO companies in these countries have changed the perception of viewing this type of work. The professionalism and the work ethic of the Asian countries have come to be held in high regard. This has led to the shift of outsourcing work that is more and more of the high-end types and this is corroborated from the many KPO companies being established in these countries. Graduates with professional degrees from reputed institutions are more inclined to make their careers in this field and are turning more and more towards this work. It is highly creditable that countries like China and India who are constantly weighed down by population issues have risen up to achieve this level of success.

Resulting Effect of Shift in Outlook of BPO’s

All this has broadened the umbrella of services provided under a BPO company. In addition to the provision of call centre services, the term BPO has become more comprehensive to include a number of other services such as software development, insurance business solutions, online tech support, data entry, finance and accounting, mobile app development, email and chat support and almost everything that is not connected with the core business of the organization.

The increasing shift of BPO to countries like India and others have resulted in increased contribution towards the nation’s foreign reserves. Substantial amount of dollar earnings are being added to the nation’s kitty of foreign reserves besides increasing the competitiveness of the BPO companies. The countries of the East have indeed come to be viewed with high regard and are being considered power-houses of outsourcing services.

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