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Outsourcing Academic transcription requirements

Academic institutions, universities, schools, colleges these days are using many modern equipment’s and techniques to teach or delegate lectures to their students. Most of these are audio and video seminars which can be recorded for a later date by students for future references. The types of recordings produced by academic institutions includes interviews, focus groups, conferences, training programs, electronic learning materials etc. saved on other digital devices.

Later, during examinations or during the preparation of presentations, thesis students refer to these audio, video hours and many times find it difficult to document what is said in the audio or video and at this point, a trusted firm is needed to handle all of the academic research transcription needs. Hire an academic transcription expert offering quick, effortless, affordable services to their clients.


The highly trained transcriptionists have saved many lives by creating accurate written records of the research interviews, one to one teaching sessions, and questionnaires of the academic institutions, making it a first choice for academic transcription outsourcing India.

Now the question is who uses transcription services:

Students to transcribe their lectures.
Students to transcribe interviews done for their research.
Those pursuing Doctorates uses transcription services.
Lecturers, professors for future references.


Transcription companies deeply care about their clients and work head over heels to provide following benefits to their clients:
The affordable transcription services are offered to students who are still finding their way to success.
The service offering organizations make sure the transcribed texts are delivered before deadline, that is, fast turnaround time.
Most of the transcription companies offer 100% accuracy rate in transferring audio/video into text.
Many firms offer 24*7 open lines to hear out suggestions, queries, and complaints of the clients.
The workload of the business organization gets reduced by outsourcing academic transcription services.

To ensure the cost effective price and highest standards for your company’s transcription efforts, partner with academic transcription expert like Pie Multilingual offering an attractive and easy alternative to an in-house, full-time employees.


Pie Multilingual is a pioneer in academic transcription services offering services to many academic institutions and universities. The quality team of transcribers who have the expertise in handling a large volume of audio, video files delivers quality service within a short span of time.
We have completed large projects for nearly all of the larger academic institutions in India and outside ranging from discussions, interviews, lectures, presentations etc. is the best option to get top quality and highly efficienttranscription outsourcing in India in discounted rates.

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