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Cost effective student transcription services

Audio transcription services involve transforming the audio or real time speech format to the written form. In today’s times, it is widely used in educational institutions such as colleges, universities and schools where the lectures and educational speeches are recorded to be transcribed for further use.

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Student Transcription outsourcing – Demand of the student’s day

Competition has increased among the students and each one of them strives to excel himself in his concerned learning field. Accurate transcription services are highly useful in the following ways:

At the basic level it helps parents to review what has been taught in class and strengthen the relevant concepts within their children. It provides valuable instruction material to students hard of hearing or the English language learners. Students with learning, listening or attention disabilities are also greatly benefited from this form of service. Academic students can revise their lectures best through the transcripts as it is difficult for them to jot down what is being taught simultaneously while listening.

Outsourcing Student Transcription Services to India

Outsourcing the transcribing of lectures, seminars etc are the best option in these circumstances mostly because it is practically impossible for the lecturers to do the task themselves. It is difficult for the students too, to record and transcribe their lectures, group discussions and any other question and answer sessions due to their academic pressures. At the same time, the transcripts are an important study item as they enable the student to get clarifications at a later date. In this context, it is therefore better to outsource the work to professionals who are trained in this field.

Two types of services can be sought in this regard. First type is the verbatim or the word for word transcription wherein each and every word in the audio file is being transcribed. The second case is the meaning for meaning transcription where the words in the audio file are condensed and adapted so that they can be understood by the user. Translation facilities are also provided by the outsourcing company and this enables audios in foreign languages to be transcribed with great ease.

Outsourced Student Transcription Services for multiple purposes

Following are some services in this field that can be outsourced:

  • Lecture transcriptions
  • Conference transcriptions
  • Dissertation transcriptions
  • Thesis transcriptions
  • Research transcriptions
  • Transcription of academic symposia
  • Transcription of group discussions
  • Transcriptions of focus group studies

Multilingual Transcription outsourcing company, PIE Multilingual–A Leading Student Transcription Services Provider
Finding the best outsourcing transcription company is a must if you want to have an accurate written format of the audio recordings. Pie Multilingual becomes your one-stop solution for such cost effective transcription needs.

Key features of Bilingual Transcription Company:

PIE Multilingual enables teachers to offer to students the best transcription of their in-class lectures. Besides benefiting them, the students are endowed with the best notes of the lectures that they could have ever hoped for.

So when you think of transcription needs, think of Multilingual Student Transcription company – PIE Multilingual!

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