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Being the 11th most spoken language German has approximately more than 100 million speakers around the world. And thus in order to break the business boundaries many companies are expanding their businesses to other parts of the world. In order to communicate their dealings, offerings all over the world knowledge of the native language is must. And then comes the need of the language transcribers converting audio recordings to well-written German text for phone calls, voicemails, interviews and board meetings etc.


Do you want to simplify a hectic schedule of your transcription work? Or Want to focus on the more productive areas of your business. German services outsourcing will be your best option as many transcription services providers are offering accurate and best online transcription services in customized turnaround time for both audio and live hours.

Some industries to which outsourcing German transcriptions can be offered are:

  • Market Research Interviews.
  • Legal Transcription for court hearings, depositions, and confessions.
  • Transcriptions of Thesis Interviews.
  • Medical Conferences.
  • Audio and Video Transcription.
  • Sermon Transcriptions.
  • Cart Transcription Services.
  • Book Transcription Services.
  • Script Transcription Services and many more.

With many highly qualified native German transcribers, these organizations will help the business owners with proficient native or bilingual transcriptions, quality services at affordable prices and time-bound project delivery.


The guaranteed commitment to quality ensures organizations to get the best gains from transcription services. Few are listed below:

Commitment of 99% accuracy by the professional transcriptionist offering high quality timely delivery to their clients.

The formatting of the German language can be done according to the custom requirements specified by the client.

Many firms sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA) providing the assurance of information security and confidentiality.

German native transcribers offer two types of speech writing, clean verbatim offers correction of all the errors whereas in full verbatim, speech errors, slangs etc. are transcribed.

The cost effectiveness have made many organizations choose cost effective transcription company

Customer supports offered by the experts have made these services a number one choice among businesses.


Companies nowadays prefer to outsource German transcription services thanks to its excellent benefits.Thanks to the dedicated transcribers with the knowledge of native languages of these German experts works specifically according to the audio recordings.

Pie Multilingual offers German to English and vice versa transcription services that are fast, with security and high accurate, industries ranging from legal, finance, academic to focus group etc. we specialize in multi lingual transcriptions offering solutions for both audio and live recordings.

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