Importance of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

The Information Protection & Regulation Reform: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

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The boom of Internet and technology has seen a dramatic rise in the communication among people, businesses from all over the world. Also, the everyday tasks that requires online interactions are being performed effectively and efficiently. The online interactions also involves the sharing of personal information’s like, banking information , addresses , contact numbers , social media posts , pictures and many more while paying bills ,sharing documents , buying – selling products , goods etc. Companies offer reason as to why this type of information is collected from their users is so as to make more specific and relevant communications between the business and the customers and also for better customer experience.

Being a user, are you not worried about the security or confidentiality of your personal data? Don’t you think that someone from the company only can misuse the information entered by you as a business owner? Or is this the only reason why individual’s information is acquired by the company? Same questions were asked by EU (European Union) and thus on May 2018 it changed all the ways with which companies collect , store and use the customers data, since than GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) act came into effect.

What is General Data Protection Regulation Act? Which Companies got affected?

GDPR has been implemented in all the local privacy laws across whole EU and EEA region, giving the citizens more control over their personal data and information, and other continents. Name, email address, physical address, religion, cookies, photos, sexual orientation etc. is the information that comes under GDPR.

There are 8 basic rights of GDPR:
Right to Access, states that individuals have the right to access to their personal data and to question ask companies about how their data is being used by the company. Also, it is the duty of businesses to offer this information in electronic form and with no charges, if requested.
Right to Object, states that individuals can request to stop the processing of their data for direct marketing and it should be stopped as soon as the request is received.
Right to get Informed, states that individuals must be informed before data is gathered and it’s up to the consumers if they want data to be gathered or not.
Right of withdrawal, states that if consumers withdraw their consent from a company to use their personal data, then it should be done with immediate effect.
Right to update, states that if a customer wants to make changes or update in their information, should be done.
Right to restrict, states that individuals can request to stop processing of their data and should not be used in future.
Right to be notified, states if there occurs any data breach that customer should be informed within 72 hours.
Right of data portability, states transfer of data one service provider to another can be done by the individual and is made in machine readable format.

Companies having presence in European countries or those business which have stored the data of many European residents on their database will have the major effect of such change of rules.

What are the benefits of Data Regulation Act for businesses?

  • The trust and support of the customers towards businesses gets more strengthened due to this, thus helping businesses market presence.
  • The transparency in the internal and external system of the company will help them to avail a competitive edge among their rivals.
  • The data confidentiality and security becomes as a major and thus businesses will also focus on securing their data and information too.
  • The management of data and information gets more proper after the application of GDPR in a company because of the proper indexing of a customer’s information.

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