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Want to engage multilingual audiences into your business or want to make your business famous in a global scale? The key to this is Communication. The maximum communications you are having the more you will reach to your customers all across the globe. Seminars, conferences, interviews, focus group sessions and many more are some of the modern correspondence forms.

Most of these communications are in audio recordings, video files and live forms and with these recordings it is near to impossible to remember and recall each and every detail. Also if the audio or video hours in some other language than English, then it is imperative to transcribe or translate it to the native language. Here comes the need of business transcription service expert managing a business and serving internal and external customers. The well-trained professionals deliver the best documentation solutions to their customers.


Most of the businesses have conferences, meetings and webinars, outsourcing business transcription services has become a common trend in information technology and other industries. The process followed by these transcription firms is as follows, firstly, transfer files to the transcription service provider. Secondly, files are assigned to the transcriber and then when the files get transcribed after performing the quality check final delivery of the output is done. The types of business files transcribed by firms are as follows:

Video or Audio recordings of quarterly, annual meetings reviewed by shareholders and therefore an accurate textual version is important.

Transcription of audio or video of investors, marketing team conferencesneeded to be present in written form all the time for future references.

The conference between the management teams inside a firm needs to have a written record.

Discussions with technical details should be documented as it is easy for reference and uses.


The business transcription outsourcing firm provides services with trained transcribers who can accurately transcribe recordings at an affordable price maintaining high level confidentiality. Following are the benefits of hiring a transcription expert:

Highly skilled team of transcriptionists for handling projects.

All types of file formats including .wav, .tape, .mp4, .dss, .cassettes, .mp3, .DVD, and many more are converted.

Projects are delivered in short time frames.

Quality Services are offered in cost effective rates.

Maintaining security and confidentiality of the client’s data is the major factor.


We at Pie Multilingual know that different projects have different requirements, thus the all the projects are handled differently, like, monolingual, bilingual, interpretive, double column etc. Offering high levels of security, clarity, privacyin cost effective rates thus building a global reputation. Partnering with us will help you to get on time transcription with superior quality.

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