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Brochure Designing

Brochure designing for Fortune 500 Company

Problem Definition

A fortune 500 company dealing with the mass-scale manufacturing of analytical equipment and weighing instruments to be used in laboratories, industries, and food retail outlets added some new features to their next line of products. They already had their brochures for previous models. However, the brochures for the new product line required to reflect the newly incorporated features. Therefore, the company needed to update previous brochures for the new product line reflecting newly added updates. However, the company did not want to completely replace previous brochures which were highly informative and presentable. The idea was to update previous brochures by adding new content wherever required. One important consideration while modifying the previous brochure was to maintain consistency. The new content has to be added in the same tone, vocabulary and writing style. In addition to that, new brochures were to be designed using the latest version of Indesign, a highly sophisticated and rarely used design software.

Business Requirements

One of the major challenges in creating the brochures was to completely redesign and relocate the content after adding new content blocks for updated features. The work required long committed hours to ensure the content seamlessly concatenates with the previous content without breaking the flow. The work involved analyzing the previous brochure content for language style and jargons used. The new content has to be added in a similar tone maintaining the same writing style and expressive jargons. Another major challenge in redesigning the brochures was that they were originally designed in an older version of the Indesign software. Indesign is highly complicated and sophisticated design software which is not used by a majority of design firms. However, the brochure re-designing required the designers to use the latest version of the Indesign software to ensure similar look and effect as the original brochure created in an older version. Therefore, the company required the services of a multilingual creative design company that can take up the design challenge and effectively redesign the brochures maintaining consistency as well as the coherence of the design elements.

Creative Service Company Approach

We at Pie Multilingual employed our best language experts to analyze previous brochure content for consistently incorporating new content blocks wherever required. Once the missing content blocks were incorporated for reflecting the newly added features, our creative team of experts did a commendable job in redesigning the brochures using Indesign software. Our design experts analyzed every content block of the bulky multi-page brochure. The new content blocks were added wherever required and the relocated content blocks were realigned and redesigned to ensure a consistent flow of information and flawless presentation. The client was overwhelmed with the accuracy and excellence of our services. The new brochures looked as captivating and presentable as the original ones. We at Pie Multilingual delivered the project in swift turnaround time with complete accuracy and best quality.

Deliverables and Benefits

  • Redesigned brochures using Indesign software
  • Consistent content flow
  • Huge cost saving
  • Flawless presentation of information
  • Client satisfaction with the desired quality
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Pie Multilingual is a globally operating professional service firm that delivers superior creative services to SMEs, academies, universities, corporate, as well as small and large business organizations.

We have successfully worked across multiple industrial sectors from automobiles, retail, and academics to consumer goods and healthcare. Our services have provided valuable support to a variety of business activities ranging from business development to business operations.

We work closely with corporate, government houses, and embassies to provide superior solutions at great economics.

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