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Image Editing

Photo Editing Support for US Client

Problem Definition

A US-based real estate firm required some photo editing services for retouching the photographs of a construction site. The company wanted to showcase their new construction project to their potential clients. The photographs were captured in bulk from different angles to showcase different aspects of the building. However, the majority of photographs were either unclear or had some background object taking the focus away from the building. Also, some photographs that clearly captured the building had some grubby spots and vexatious remarks. The client wanted all those photographs retouched so that they beautifully showcase their newly constructed project without any background noise.

Business Requirements

One of the major challenges in the project was a bulk delivery of retouched photographs in swift turnaround time. The client had a limited time to get all the photographs redone before showcasing them to their potential clients. There were many photographs that required minor to major retouching. Therefore, the company required the services of a creative service company that can redo all the photographs in 24 hours time with professional quality effectively maintaining the consistency, coherence, and focus on the newly constructed building.

PMS Approach

Working with PIE Multilingual, the company got a major advantage of differing time zones. We employed our best photo editing experts for the project who worked consistently throughout the day to accomplish delivery on-time. All the objects creating a background noise such as the surrounding trees, roads, dust pans, construction material, and construction machinery are effectively removed from the photographs. All the photographs were then recreated with professional quality. Our image editing experts analyzed every photograph for any unwanted object in focus apart from the building. The newly updated photographs looked captivating, presentable, and more impressive than the original ones. We at PIE Multilingual delivered the project in swift turnaround time with complete accuracy and best quality.

Deliverables and Benefits

  • More impressive photographs
  • Time-zone advantage
  • Huge cost saving
  • Client satisfaction with the desired quality

About Image Editing Company

PIE Multilingual is a globally operating professional service firm that delivers superior photo editing services to various small and large business organizations, media houses, and real estate firms.

have successfully completed various simple to complicated projects involving proficient photo editing skills. Our services have provided valuable support to a variety of business organizations requiring photo editing assistance.

We work closely with corporate, government houses, and embassies to provide superior solutions at great economics.

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Image Editing Support Company Advantages

PIE Multilingual Services is a Business Service company that helps to cut operation cost. By providing superior service at economical cost this company is able to generate extra revenue for them.


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