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Product Development Research

Product Development Research in Japan

Problem Definition

A leading pharmaceutical company from Germany required some healthcare survey for their pediatric product. The company wanted to evaluate the growth opportunities in Japan for pediatric drugs and equipment. However, acquiring the required information for the pharmaceutical market research was not easier due to restrictive laws regarding disclosure of information in Japan. The data of the market survey was needed to access the price and placement of various pharmaceutical equipment, evaluate market competitors and analyze market share value of the company.

Business Requirements

Conducting market research in Japan for the German pharmaceutical industry had two major challenges. First, it was difficult to gather the required information due to restrictive laws regarding disclosure of information in Japan. And second, the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers in Japan denied sparing enough time for the healthcare survey due to their preoccupying routines. Therefore, the company required the services of a multilingual market research firm who can correctly gather accurate facts and figures and put the same in a presentable and comprehensible format.

Product Research Company Approach

We at PIE Multilingual applied a primary quantitative research methodology and a pragmatic approach to deal with the scenario. We targeted our focus on assessing the market expansion potential for the German pediatric drugs and equipment in Japanese healthcare industry. With our customized approach, we were able to talk to the pediatric doctors and other healthcare professionals in Japan. We successfully convinced them regarding the importance of required information for a product development. We employed our best multilingual market survey experts to analyze the competitive landscape of the Japanese healthcare industry for successfully evaluating the market potential for our German client. The client found the information and data gathered from the research very informative, complete, and helpful. We at PIE Multilingual delivered the project in swift turnaround time with complete accuracy and best quality.

Deliverables and Benefits

  • Accurate market information
  • Huge cost saving
  • Confidential data provided with intense accuracy
  • Client satisfaction with the desired quality

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Pie Multilingual is a professional service firm that delivers superior multicounty market research services to consulting firms, research organizations, and financial institutions.

We have worked across multiple sectors such as automobile, retail, consumer goods, and healthcare to support a variety of business activities ranging from business development till business operation.

We work closely with corporate, government houses, research firms to provide superior solution at great economics.

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PIE Multilingual Services is a Business Service company that helps to cut operation cost. By providing superior service at economical cost this company is able to generate extra revenue for them.


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