Do you need quick, customized research that can answer your international business queries? Customized marketing research is the most personal level of engagement offered by Multilingual Business Research Company. Get in touch with Customized Business Research Company to get a better understanding of unparalleled global reach, free independent research, and exclusive access to information, forward-thinking methods and effective, focused approach that can help your organization to grow rapidly. Our customized market research solution is backed up by our wide network of industry associations, government agencies, manufacturers, importers, exporters and end-users to provide you with information that is critical to your international business success.


Our research team would be able to provide the market intelligence research support when you need it. We bring:

  • Estimate sales potential in local as well as overseas markets
  • the best markets for your products or services
  • an effective sales and distribution strategy in the specific markets
  • the best possible opportunity in various sales and marketing channels
  • the most influencing factors for potential customers
  • the strength and weakness of your market competitors and possible threats
  • Overcome potential market impediments
  • To acquire a pricing strategy for all comparable products in the market

Our research team will bring customized marketing research solution to address your unique research needs specified by you. Our tailored multilingual market intelligence will be focus on specific market to have a crystal clear idea about your business opportunities. Our tailor-made research and analytical support can help you to take on-time business decisions. Our deep domain expertise and experience enable us to customize solutions for your specific needs with a quick turnaround time.


Our global expert network across all major industries and geographical boundaries provides the most pertinent information, which is fast, cost-effective and comprehensive. Our multilingual market research experts possess significant experience and in-depth knowledge in targeted functional areas. We spend less time in conducting a search than analyzing a situation. Our quick access to the premium journals, books and databases can help you out at a short notice if you are stretched for time and want to temporarily augment in-house teams. Our research team undertakes rigorous research and analysis through:

customized solutions

We provide a customized, high-level perception of your business needs and specific challenges.

Superior quality

we provide Accurate analysis based on customized analytical frameworks and methodologies

professional team

we have a team of research professionals with enrichment of industry perspectives and insights.

business solutions

With the research, we also provide Exceptional quality control methods to enhance your business.


Ours’ multilingual business research team helps our customers augment research team and enables to focus on their core business. Our international network of country specialists, economists and business analysts are based all across the globe, with regional research offices in major locations world around. Our clientele includes government authorities, NGOs and leading multinational corporations spanning the energy, automotive, consumer goods, financial, healthcare and technology industries. Our professional approach and transparent methodology is the principal reason we are the most trusted source of multilingual business research, analysis and forecasting.


To stay ahead in the market competition, it is most imperative to have prior knowledge of the market and customers interests. Pie Multilingual is a leader when it comes to the offering customized business or market research solutions to small and large scale industries. The highly efficient and experienced staff helps client to gain vital information about the competitors, consumer needs, economic shifts, demographics, current market trends etc.

We are available with 24*7 customer assistance and cost effective organized research methodology, keeping in mind to drive your organization into the success as a whole. Outsource research requirements to us to get global perspective and an unparalleled understanding of market structure, business trends and the latest technological developments in every industrial sector. Outsourcing research requirements to multilingual research company will help you to get comprehensive and customized research reports that are converted to meet all your business needs.

Always happy to help you understand your customer requirements and preferences in a better way.

Supercharge your research with on-demand research for any country in the world.

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