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Do you need quick, customized research that answers your international business queries? Customized marketing research is the most personal level of engagement offered by PIE MULTILINGUAL. We welcome you to explore our work for past clients to gain a better understanding of our unparalleled global reach, free independent research, exclusive access to information, forward-thinking methods and effective, focused approach that can help you and your organization. Our customized market research solution is backed up by our wide network of industry associations, government agencies, manufacturers, importers, exporters and end-users to provide you with information that is critical to your international business success.

Our country specific trend analysis, expert market-entry strategies and know-how of potential operational and financial risks can help you to find new market segments and gauge demand for your products and services. This will enable you to take full advantage of new opportunities and carefully manage risks simultaneously.

Our customized research reports can help you to:

  • Estimate sales potential in local as well as overseas markets
  • Pin point the best markets for your products or services
  • Implement an effective sales and distribution strategy in the specific markets
  • Know the best possible opportunity in various sales and marketing channels
  • Discover the most influencing factors for potential customers
  • Identify the strength and weakness of your market competitors and possible professional threats
  • Overcome potential market impediments
  • Acquire  a pricing strategy for all comparable products in the market  

PIE MULTILINGUAL’s customized marketing research addresses unique research needs specified by you and tailor multilingual market intelligence to your specific requests and help you to have a crystal clear idea about your business opportunities. Our tailor-made research and analytical support can help you to take on-time business decisions. Our deep domain expertise and experience enable us to customize solutions for your specific needs with a quick turnaround time.

Custom Market Research Consultant

Our 200 plus global expert network across all major industries and geographical boundaries provides the most pertinent information, which is fast, cost-effective and comprehensive. Our multilingual market research and online market research experts possess significant experience and in-depth knowledge in targeted functional areas. We spend less time in conducting a search than analyzing a situation. Our quick access to the premium journals, books and databases can help you out at a short notice if you are stretched for time and want to temporarily augment in-house teams.

Our research team undertakes rigorous research and analysis through:

  • A high-level understanding of your business needs and specific challenges
  • Rigorous analysis based on customized analytical frameworks and methodologies
  • A multilingual team of research professionals with an enrichment of industry perspectives and insights
  • Exceptional quality control methods

PIE MULTILINGUAL’S multilingual business research platform helps our customers augment their research team and enables them to focus on their core business. Our international network of 700 plus country specialists, economists and business analysts are based all across the globe, with regional research offices in major locations world around. Our clientele includes government authorities, NGOs and leading multinational corporations spanning the energy, automotive, consumer goods, financial, healthcare and technology industries. Our professional approach and transparent methodology is the principal reason we are the world’s most trusted source of multilingual business research, analysis and forecasting.

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