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Frequently asked questions

FAQ on outsourcing to Multilingual Business Service Company

In a competitive era of today, outsourcing business requirements to a multilingual company is must for lowering costs and increasing productivity. Outsourcing to a multilingual company puts you ahead of your competitors by solving a majority of your business problems. In case you have any concerns regarding data security, confidentiality, outsourcing process, or technology used for outsourcing, it is better to familiarize yourself with how a multilingual outsourcing company works. Most of our customers ask following common questions when they approach us for a service.

1. Why should we outsource?

Outsourcing enables your business to reap the benefits of increased productivity by minimizing operational costs. It provides greater flexibility in working environment and better operational control. Ability to concentrate on your core business processes leaving the rest to outsourcing can enable your business to outpace competition.

2. How will PMS help in this regard?

We offer customized solutions to all your multilingual outsourcing needs. We also take up incomplete projects and successfully ensure its effective completion. Our qualified staff leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your full satisfaction. The motto of our organization is making available to our clients the best services at optimum costs without compromising on quality and data security.

3. Can I get cost-effective services?

Yes. By partnering with us you can decrease your present operating costs by almost 40-50% with no lessening of quality or deadline considerations. Get the benefit of quality solutions at reduced costs by outsourcing to us.

4. What are the services offered at PMS?

All non-core business activities as well as back-office functions can be outsourced to PIE. Our services are broadly categorized into the following groups:


To get an idea about the exhaustive list of services under each of the above you can refer to our website.

5. What are the various stages of development involved in a project outsourced to PMS?

You can rest assured of the successful completion of your project which goes through the following stages:

Free Trial: You can avail the free trial program which will lessen your outsourcing risks. On completion of the free trial period, you can assess and choose whether to outsource your entire project to PMS.

Project Transition: The next stage involves implementing ‘Process Knowledge Transfer Methodology’ wherein your project is seamlessly transferred to our in-house team. Our team will embark on your project only after fully grasping the business requirements.

On-going Management of Project: Status updates will be provided to you on regular basis in the course of working on your project. An experienced project manager will be assigned to your project and they will be responsible for managing the project at every step. They will be easily accessible for interaction.

Customer Review & Feedback: PMS believes in zero compromise on management of customer relationships. You can monitor your project closely and give feedbacks which will be given due consideration at our end.

6. What is the guarantee of my data remaining secure?

Every step of the outsourcing process ensures security, confidentiality and privacy of your data. The following security measures enforced at our end gives an idea how this is maintained:

  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement at the beginning of the project with the client in addition to a non-disclosure bond signed by our employees.
  • We ensure inbound and outbound security through installation of firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • We have no systems containing external storage devices such as USB ports, Floppy or CD drives handled by the employees.
  • Our password protection for every office system and email account of every employee prevents unauthorized use of data.
  • All our important documents are safely backed up in an offsite storage facility and fire-proof cabinets are used at our end.
  • We have the latest anti-virus software and updates regularly installed to guard our servers.
  • We have installed surveillance cameras all around our premises for security of clients’ assets.
  • We have armed security guarding our offices on 24x7x365 days basis alongside a strict entry access for all our employees.

7. Are you equipped with necessary infrastructure and latest technology?

Yes. We do not compromise on the technology, infrastructure and software that are used. A state-of- the-art infrastructure with the best in internet connectivity is employed at our end.

8. What is the level of qualification of your staff?

We hire the best and have an experienced staff to deal with the various client projects. Certified and specific trained employees are hired in specific software areas requiring expertise and skill. Employee skills are constantly upgraded through seminars and workshops.

9. How can I be assured of quality in my project?

Workflow follows a specific laid down pattern with controls being maintained by qualified QA professionals. The aim of our organization is to provide premium quality services. You can get an experience of our work quality during the free trial period.

10. How do we communicate?

We are a multilingual organization and hence, language will be no bar for understanding your needs. We have employees who are fluent in languages other than English. You can select the language and channel of communication that is most convenient to you; email, phone or chat.

11. What are the agreements and contracts signed by you?

We sign NDAs with the customer prior to initial discussions and draw out the final contracts in detail.

12. What is the mode of payment?

A cheque or a wire transfer is normally, the accepted mode of payment on completion of the project. If you prefer making payments through any other mode then you can contact any of our sales executives who will guide you in that regard.

13. How are work orders or completed contracts signed off?

You have to give the details in the required format and fax a copy duly signed to us. In addition to this, you can send your work order through an email attachment.

14. What is the procedure to outsource to PMS?

You have to fill out our contact form, giving details about your requirements, your project and our representative will get in touch with you within 12 hours to take our relationship further.

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