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In the current global economic situation, organizations are facing numerous challenges due to multiple factors like globalization, change in requirements, rapid growth in technology and changing demographics. Their stakeholders, shareholders and various other professional entities are becoming more and more interested in the transparency of how they disclose and communicate their financial position in the market. This critical situation is forcing organizations to address the concerns of their stakeholders by changing processes in order to adapt finance and accounting practices. Outsource accounting services to a multilingual firm would be an idle choice to streamline your business operation.

To overcome the challenges strategically, the role of finance has become very important in order to help an organization steer through in difficult times. Therefore, the CFO is playing the pivotal role of managing profitability and at the same time consistently supporting the organization with data analysis required for business decision making.

PIE MULTILINGUAL offers an array of multilingual financial services to help CFO meet their objectives of reducing the overhead and enhancing the overall efficiency of an organization. Our state-of-the-art solutions address complex financial functions like budgeting, forecasting,planning & analysis and reporting.

Outsource Finance and Accounting BPO Services to PIEMULTILINGUAL

  • PIE MULTILINGUAL is evolving as a fast growing multilingual finance and accounting service provider, with an exceptional track record of serving hundreds of clients worldwide for over a decade now. We specialize in customized, multilingual services like payroll processing, back office transaction processing, financial statements, accounting, book-keeping, reviewing, reconciliation and taxation.
  • Our services are cost effective and efficient, which help in sustainable growth of any business organization. Moreover, the solutions are designed to provide real-time information to all our clients so that they can meet their business challenges, ensuring total data safety and security.
  • Our back office services have proved to improve the performance of organizations from various sectors mainly banking, finance and insurance. Other than large corporations, we also cater to individuals and corporate clients with our tax return processing solutions.
  • So far we have successfully extended our services to a wide range of industries, which includes banking & finance, insurance, education, retail, telecom, IT, health, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics and many more.

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