Various organizations such as private companies, government agencies, and government contractors need to evaluate and access the language proficiency of their current as well as potential employees. Moreover, individuals interested in earning credits for their graduate school study or those who need to have specific proficiency levels to meet the employment criteria also require language skill assessment.

We at PIE Multilingual help our clients with proficient language testing services. Language assessments can generally be conducted over the phone, in person, or even virtually. We provide an immaculate language assessment suggested as per your need. Our language assessment program involves top-grade test management, planning, and coordination to ensure smooth execution.


We provide professional testing service to ensure effective bilingual communication within organizations. All the training sessions are conducted in compliance with standard laws and regulations and accompanied with a documented proof. Our training sessions help in increasing staff productivity and proficiency by mitigating the risk of misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Our language testing services are executed via oral interview followed by an online assessment. Optional components include language assessment by reading, listening, and writing. We also provide bespoke packages tailored to suit specific industrial needs of our clients. Our language skill tests are ideal for companies that:

  • Are willing to recruit new staff having multilingual proficiency
  • Are organizing language training programmes to evaluate the language proficiency of their staff
  • Are willing to explore overseas market or are planning to recruit employees from overseas after assessing their communication skills in a specific language


Whether you are entering a foreign market, interviewing new recruits proficient in a foreign language or short listing employees for international trade management; our accurate language testing services help you create a skilled workforce. Knowing the linguistic abilities of your employees help you make rational decisions and invest in most appropriate levels of training.

Foreign Language testing company

Our foreign language consultancy and training solutions cover:

  • Wide-ranging languages
  • Option for online testing anywhere in the world
  • Standardized assessment and reporting system
  • Clear communication of measurable assessment reports and test results
  • Specific assessment of a candidate’s performance in a particular business area
  • Options to take assessment via speaking, reading, writing, and listening; at different levels of intensity
  • Interpretation performance test

Our language testing services are executed in swift turnaround time from test scheduling to reporting of test results. A quick response time facilitated by open and honest communication helps our clients get realistic in stipulated time-frames.


We are a globally trusted foreign language testing service provider offering highly accurate and customized multilingual solutions with our trained native expert evaluators. The in-house team of professionals at PIE Multilingual will offer regular updates on evaluation of translation documents, queries while working on the onshore or offshore clients. The robust test scheduling, providing test results in swift turnaround time and affordable rates along with prices are the benefits when you join hands with us.

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