Most of the audio and video production companies require video subtitling services to enhance share-ability of the videos across the world. Subtitling services are required for nearly any kind of major event including in person, live broadcast, or on video. Live subtitles make a video easily comprehensible for an audience. But for this to work, subtitles need to be well-formatted, accurate, and legible.

We at PIE Multilingual provide reliable, well-written, legible, properly formatted subtitles within the stipulated time frame. Subtitles provide a written transcript for a video, speech, or audio file. In this manner, subtitles help in effectively communicating the content of the video or audio recordings making them more comprehensible for visual learners.

On the other hand, accurate subtitles make videos or live events more engaging and easier to track. We have been serving multiple production houses with our commendable services adding subtitles, captions, and transcripts to their video and audio files. Subtitling helps their videos and audios reach a broader audience worldwide. Additionally, subtitles increase the likelihood for a video being found when searched for by text.


We provide excellent subtitling services at competitive prices. Our skillful speech writers and translators can provide transcripts in various different languages. A great command over language and knowledge of linguistic nuances help our expert writers differentiate between homophones. We acknowledge the abilities of human intuition rather than solely relying on basic machinations of a computer. By considering how people communicate and comprehend speech, our language experts deliver accurate professional transcriptions.

We provide multimedia and video subtitling services for various platforms including TV Broadcasts, streaming videos, online videos, real-time webcasts, DVD/Blu-Ray, documentaries, corporate videos, feature films, children films and educational shorts.

Bilingual Subtitling company


Our language specialists and translators work with organizations coming from various industry verticals. We work in close coordination with video production houses, e-learning production companies, and advertising agencies. We can handle any subtitling projects from simple to complex involving elaborate scripts such as Hindi, Lao, Bengali, Japanese, and Burmese or right-to-left languages like Urdu, Arabic, and Farsi.

If you are scouring globe and Internet for a foreign language video subtitling company than we can handle the whole subtitling process from start to finish, with utmost ease and simplicity. Delivering projects on time by offering competitive rates to the clients has made us a one stop destination for the businesses.


Being pioneer in subtitling we do provide multiple supports under one roof to make your work easy. We do provide superior solution along with:

  • Multilingual subtitling in over 150 languages
  • Fast Turnaround time
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Multiple format support such as DVB, CC3, EIA-608, HD DVB and closed captioning

Outsource Video Subtitling requirements to us and avail the benefits of full-time native language subtitling experts, who are highly trained to offer extensive services in swift turnaround time at affordable prices, thus removing an extra overhead from you.

Contact Multilingual Video Subtitling company and get cost effective as well as quality service from an experts!

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