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The true business value of an organization is achieved when it holds the capability of accomplishing the desires, expectations and requirements of a client or another business organization.

Around the world and a variety of industries we are capable to cater you with end to end real business solutions that will not only prove advantageous for long term but also it will transform the way you pursue your business. Our solutions and services will provide improved efficiency and productivity to your unique business requirements.

Some of the industries that we work with are:


PIE MULTILINGUAL has more than a decade of experience in working with global healthcare giants in various locations all over the world. Equipped with these credentials, our subject matter expert can help you tackle the transformation in your industry through our healthcare plans, process and world-class multilingual services. You will be able to cope up with rising R&D overheads, patent expiries and business competition and create a benchmark in patient safety.

Media & Information Industry Services

In the last decade, the world has witnessed an exponential growth of online media users creating new revenue generation opportunities for the media and information services companies. The companies need to capitalize on the evolving product distribution channels while maintaining the current revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing flexibility at the same time.

PIE MULTILINGUAL’s end-to-end content value chain solutions and social media services help you from content creation and management to publishing and distribution. We have all the experience and capabilities to build, deploy and support the appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

Retail & Consumer Products

Retail and consumer product companies operate in dynamic environments, faced with new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. PIE MULTILINGUAL possesses extensive industry and technology knowledge coupled with excellent delivery capabilities. We can provide you the right solutions to overcome any operational challenges,optimize business performance, align technology with your business priorities, reduce overhead and improve your profit margins. Our expertise and experience ensure an increase in your ROI by offering a cutting-edge to your business and IT programs.

Financial Services

Financial institutions need to adhere to better business models in order to overcome shortcomings of past and existing challenges. PIE MULTILINGUAL with its multilingual and multi-industry experience help various financial service institutions to find innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back office overhead, align IT infrastructure, manage risks, gain economic benefits and plan for evolving business trends. We work with some of the multi-national giants in the banking and insurance sectors in all major areas, like retail banking, wealth & asset management and stock markets.

Non-profit & social Services

PIE MULTILINGUAL is working with a number of non-profit and social sector organizations that are engaged with some of the biggest and most complex social issues. We are helping these organizations and industry to make innovative and functional changes in their mission-related performance. We utilize our resources to amplify and accelerate the public benefits created by innovative private actors like citizens, non-profit organizations, philanthropists and corporations. We help to transform how complex social issues are addressed.

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