Insurance Outsourcing services

Today’s insurance markets are witnessing tough competition between players, shifting customer loyalties and excessive regulatory formalities. Insurance companies are put under intense pressure to deliver quality at reduced costs. In order to ensure their survival, most of them are resorting to changed business models which can be bring in enhanced process efficiencies. This is reflected in the shift towards insurance process outsourcing which is helping the companies to be on the top in the game for survival and growth.

Outsourcing Insurance Services to Pie Multilingual

Pie Multilingual is one of the leading providers of insurance process outsourcing solutions to many leading clients around the world. Deep domain knowledge of our professionals coupled with cutting edge technology assets has enabled our clients to move speedily on their growth charts. With insurers finding it more and more difficult to survive the intense competition, our insurance outsourcing solutions have enabled them to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. We offer outsourcing solutions for their back-office processes, front-office operations and even end-to-end service solutions for all their processes. We enable them to make deeper inroads into new territories and market their products and services across new channels faster and drive decisive decisions which in turn speed up the achievement of their growth goals.

Pie Multilingual Insurance Process Outsourcing Services

Our deep insight of the insurance industry enables us to provide a comprehensive set of proven outsourcing services:

Property & Casualty BPO Services

  • Underwriting
  • Policy Rating
  • Premium Booking
  • Issuance of Policy
  • Servicing of Policy

Life & Annuity BPO Services

  • New Business
  • Policy Service
  • Support

Claims BPO Services

  • Initiation of Claims
  • Express Claims
  • Administration of Claims
  • Third-Party Solutions

Pension BPO Services

  • Administration of Pension & Service
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management Support

How will Outsourcing Insurance Services to Pie Multilingual Benefit

We know how important the customer is to every business and in view of the volatile market conditions retaining and increasing the customer band has become a top priority objective for every insurance company. Outsourcing your insurance processes to a skilled partner will enable you to take your insurance marketing to the next level and leverage the advantages obtained for achieving higher customer satisfaction levels. Our experience and expertise guarantee that you get finest services at minimized costs.

Business Benefits of Outsourced Insurance Services:

Cost Savings: The cost of hiring and maintaining the pool of requisite talent is saved and the advantage of scalability can be obtained. Cost savings in the range of 40% can be got by outsourcing insurance services to us.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Your time and energies can be trained on the core activities of your business. At the same time, the timely execution of all your projects by us will enable you to deliver quality to your customers.

Pool of Trained Talent: Our pool of trained specialists like actuaries and other financials will facilitate to turn around large work volumes maintaining high quality standards. Our dedicated managers ensure that the customer projects are executed well within the set deadlines.

State-of-the-art Technology: Our sophisticated technology ensures that your work is done faster without needing you to make further investments.

Your search for a result-driven outsourcing partner ends with Pie Multilingual!

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