Market Research Pricing Structure
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Market research pricing

Market Research and Analysis Service Price

PMS provides a variety of market research services to global customers. Our multicounty Research services are ideal to get competitive insight on market, customer and competitors. Our deep subject matter expert would be able to help you on:-

Our Research Support would help you to make intelligent business decisions for the future of your business.


Based on Customer’s project specific requirements, we do offer multiple engagement models:


This model is ideal when project scope is clear. In this engagement there are well defined project requirements as well as task that should be performed by our researchers.

Time and Resource Model

Sometime project scope is not clear and depending on market fluctuations OR Research scope can’t anticipate required man hours. Hence we work as per research requirements to allocate our experienced researchers accordingly. Here depending on used man hours, billing is done.

Full Time Dedicated Team

Our Experienced Researcher work dedicatedly on your research requirements. Here you can use multilingual cum multi-county researcher along with your in-house researchers on any research requirements.

PER HOUR Pricing Model

Our highly efficient research services start at  USD16 per hour.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Price

Under certain conditions, you would need full time researcher to get in-depth analysis and pricing starts from USD 2100 per researcher per month.


Customize your research requirement with us and hire pre-requisite researcher by furnishing below information:-

  • Expertise of researcher
  • Complexity of research projects
  • Expected time of completion

Contact us today to capture your business opportunity in new market by availing our multilingual secondary research support.

Market Research Pricing Disclaimer

At PMS, we make every effort to ensure that price published on website is accurate and up-to date. However these mentioned prices are only indicative and depending on project scope it can be changed.

Final price of any project depends on multiple factors like project complexity, Scope of work, turnaround time and expertise required to complete any task. Hence final price may vary from project to project however we try our best to provide cost effective solution on all of your business requirements.

When you partner with PMS, your Market Research Pricing cost is known to you up-front and your bill will have no surprises.

Multi-country Market Research Service Company Advantages

Data Security

8 hrs per day We are committed to protect your data with a number of careful system.

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Quality System

Hourly Basis Our goal is to provide best quality in all deliverables.

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Business Benefits

Fixed Cost Being Multilingual business company we bring multiple advantages.

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