Volatility in financial markets across the globe and ever changing trends in industry make it essential for corporates and investors to conduct adequate investment research before their decision making. The extent of investment research done determines the success of your business venture. Hence, outsourcing this task to a global outsourcing partner like PIE Multilingual is sure to ensure good growth amidst volatile market conditions.

The extensive research done by the in-house teams of our organization will help you provide a customer centric solutions. The customized services offered are mainly focused on easing the complex investment decision making processes and bringing future success for the business ventures. With guaranteed data confidently assurance and cost reduction makes us the most chosen company for outsourcing investment research services.


Multi-country investment Research Company offers multiple investment research to make your decision easier. Our superior Market research services include:

Equity Research: Our equity research strategies ensure the safety of our client’s investments. Some of the services that make this happen are quantitative analysis, segment analysis, analysis of comparable companies, thematic and sector research and many more.
General Consulting Services: We offer general consulting to our clients and services included here are creation of database, updates and support; monitoring portfolio and strategy support; private equity analysis and many more.
Credit Research: We enable our clients to get a better idea of the best investment sources available in the market. Services offered in this category include credit risk analysis, sector assessments, comparable debit analysis and many more.


We bring Multiple Unparalleled Financial Research benefits to your business.

Customer-centric Answers

We understand our client needs in-depth and offer bespoke solutions that are tailor-made for the client’s requirements.

Domain Expertise

Our team of certified financial analysts are capable of effective monitoring of markets and portfolios to meet the varied needs.

Prime Quality Services

Outsourcing services to us enables clients to get high-quality execution of tasks at reduced costs without any compromise.

Faster Turnaround Time

Our experienced professionals being experts in their field deliver our client projects within the scheduled time frames.


With uncompromised security and confidentiality of the data and information assurance, partnering with Pie Multilingual will help you save a lot of prime time and money, while ensuring high quality research services. Contact today to get more information about our affordable investment research services, planning, investment model building and report preparation, provided by the expert investment professionals.

Our services enable our clients to push their revenues levels higher. Our focused approach helps us to respond faster to market changes and our effective investment insights ensure increased profitability and growth for our clients. By offering multitude of solutions we give you a holistic view of your research. Partner with us and drive your business growth to newer heights.

Ready to give your business a new height by expanding Investment Research Coverage?