A supply chain intelligence empowers an organization with in depth real time performance insights and enabling organizations to tackle the increase of the global complexity that touches the supply chains. Also, the metrics thus generated will guide a firm through the areas where the performance is strong and weak simultaneously, further allowing them to take smart and strategic business decisions.

Ensuring a seamless supply chain management is not an easy task; it eats away into business time and resources. Situations of shortage of parts, customer service and warranty management can become overwhelming for businesses to manage, distracting them from their core business functions. Outsourcing supply chain Intelligence is the remedial solution that enables the business to focus on strategy and growth.

The process of supply chain intelligence is very much well knitted with reduced costs ,all focused to improve the efficiency of the working of the business , best quality customer assistance and offering a competitive advantage to the business owners.


We are an experienced company with a basket of services to address your supply chain management problems. We concentrate on the total supply chain needs of the organization and provide a single-source solution for all its requirements. Our array of services includes software, hardware, networking support and planning and consulting services. Our logistics services basket offers repair and renewal of multi vendor parts and managing inventory pipelines of OEMs as well as re-sellers. By taking care of the supply chain intelligence we offer strategic advantage to our clients.


Outsourcing supply chain management to us will allow you to reap the following benefits:

Focus on core business: Getting involved in the repair and logistics services is not the core activity for businesses. The key strengths for every business are development, manufacturing and marketing of products and services. Outsourcing to us will enable you to do just that.
Reduction in total costs: Carrying out the logistics function is time and cost draining for the organization. By outsourcing to us, you can utilize our knowledge, expertise and connections to reduce the total costs. We work in combination with other resource suppliers to offer you the most cost effective plan.
Meeting Customer Demand: If your business is stagnant because of resource crunch then you will have a bunch of unhappy customers. Outsourcing this function to us will help you to create an extensive and wider infrastructure and enhance the levels of your customer service.
Flexibility: You will have more flexibility in supporting and operating your supply chain as you have access to the resources at our end. You will be able to enhance the customer satisfaction levels without making adjustments for resources in any way.


Pie Multilingual is available here 24* 7 to cope up with all of therequirements, supply and demand of the products and services. The highly skilled in house team members and efficient process of intelligence dealing with the movement of goods and products in both the national and international markets very well. The timely and low cost solutions offered by our experts help you focus on routine business operations, while providing strategic guidance for your whole supply chain process.

Outsourcing your logistics function will ensure the retention of your customers and revenues. You need not worry about your customer’s requirements for expedited services or after- hour’s deliveries. Product launches of time-sensitive nature can be consistently met without the need for your internal staff’s intervention. Do not wait to develop your internal systems; outsource your logistics operations to us and get the competitive edge.

Would you like to strengthen your Supply Chain Intelligence?