Outsource Market Research Transcription Services

With cut-throat competition prevailing in today’s markets, every business organization has to undertake systematic market research if it has to stay ahead of competition at all times. This important data has to be preserved and recorded by resorting to market research transcription services. Services of a reliable market research transcription agency become very significant as then you have access to a comprehensive document for future reference. Your search for such a reliable partner ends with Pie Multilingual as it takes care of all your market research transcription needs!

Outsourcing Market Research Transcription Services

Today’s market scenario is characterized by high product launch costs, lengthy gestational periods, ever changing tastes of the consumers and increased globalization, hence market research is a must if the business organization has to expand its market reach. Such market research is normally done through group discussions and interviews either in-house or from a professional agency. The organization, however, has no time to listen to all the collected audio and visual files and transcription of all this recorded data becomes very critical to the business. What better way for the business than to get all this data made available in a written form! This can be easily obtained by outsourcing the job to a professional market research transcription services provider.

Pie Multilingual – Your Effective Market Research Transcription Partner

We are a leading market research transcription services provider and have been effectively doing so for many years. Our team of experienced transcriptionists can transcribe your questionnaires, surveys, focus groups etc into accurate written documents. They have worked on varied market research material and delivered high quality output to clients from various industry sectors with the main aim of offering high satisfaction levels.

The scope of our services includes transcription services with respect to the following:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Consumer forums
  • Market survey research recordings
  • Direct response infomercials on television
  • Disabled access audits
  • Telephone survey campaigns
  • Risk analysis sessions
  • Customer analysis sessions
  • Opinion polls and many more

Our Market Research Transcription Process

  • Collecting all information from the client through company websites, online portals and other documents and getting totally familiarized with his business and organization
  • Transcribing team of expert professionals gets into action by working on several formats such as DVDs, cassettes, mini disc output, micro cassettes, digital audio files etc
  • Unfamiliar terms or words will be thoroughly researched for or clarification sought from the client before proceeding further
  • Comprehensive checking done to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Delivering the output in the required formats

Email system, FTP or browser based file transcription is also available.

Business benefits of outsourced Market Research Transcription Services 

  • Well-trained professionals having in-depth knowledge of market research
  • High quality output at cost-effective prices
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Expertise of the transcribing team who can transcribe from different digital and analogue formats
  • 24x7x365 market research transcription services
  • All times customer support
  • Stringent quality checks for maximum accuracy
  • Total security and confidentiality of client data

Contact us for all kind of Market Research Transcription Services to start a fruitful partnership!