Outsource Customer Support Services

The customer is not only the king but the very purpose for the existence of business. Customer retention is therefore of paramount importance to every business and this can be done by offering excellent customer support services. Satisfactory customers can be game-changers and therefore every organization aims to strengthen and nurture the bond with their customers. What better way to do this than by customer care outsourcing!

Customer Service Outsourcing to Multilingual Company

Customer care is not the core activity of businesses. Outsourcing customer support to us will ensure that focus remains on your customer 24×7 days of the week. We provide the best in terms of outsourced customer service and allow you to concentrate on your core competencies. Our professionals undergo comprehensive training which focuses on core and computer skills, communication and customer service skills. Our dedicated staff goes beyond the ordinary to develop a loyal and happy client base that is so necessary for a successful business.

Outsource Comprehensive Customer Care Services

Our array of services includes bespoke customer care solutions, revenue management, after sales support, order processing services and many more. Our extensive outbound and inbound call centre support, email management, text chat, live chat will help to take care of all your customer needs. Our professionals go the extra mile to foster human interactions and deliver customer satisfaction of the highest levels. We provide detailed reports on timely basis which help our clients to measure and monitor results. We function as a continued extension of your business and implement your customer relationship management strategy with our expert hand.

Business Benefits of Customer Care Outsourcing

Our cutting edge technology and sophisticated customer support software provide the following benefits to our clients.

Immediate Resolution of Queries: Our professionals assure nil waiting time and accurately handle your customer issues to their utmost satisfaction.
Element of Empathy: We adopt an empathetic approach while dealing with your customer and this helps to forge long term relationships.
Fast Turnaround Time: Our team of specialists have the requisite experience and expertise in quick dealing and answering to customer queries alongside sticking to their regular schedules.
24×7 Support: We offer round-the-clock services to provide pre and after-sales support to your customers from any part of the globe.
Measuring Results: Our intensive reporting that includes call rejection rates, average call timings, customer conversion rates etc enable our clients to quantify and evaluate results.

When you want to provide top quality outsourced customer service think of Pie Multilingual!

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