The advent of the 21st century has seen people transiting from traditional method to e-commerce for the purchase of goods and services. E-commerce companies are driving head over heels to match the needs of their customers. Winning customers is a big game for the online organizations, a reliable brand name and the one offering best services is chosen among all, therefore, outsourcing e-commerce customer support services has become an indispensable option.

PIE Multilingual has been a seamless provider of customer support for its e-commerce clients. Our specialists have helped online retailers to improve their business efficiency and customer satisfaction since decades. We have successfully provided e-commerce support services to our National and International clients across the world through cross channels.

Following challenges are usually faced by the e-commerce organizations while dealing with their customers:
Delay’s in Ticket Handling Time: Keeping track of customer’s prior history and communication details is quite a task.
Multi-Channel Support Unavailability: While doing assistance over call, questions get repeated and sometimes customers are not aware about the call’s context. Social, mobile, messaging, forums, chat are the other channels needed for more effective customer support.
Unproductivity: Customer database is not incorporated with IVR resulting in call routing through agents, a long route to reach out to the customers.

With expertise in an array of e-commerce solutions ranging from product management, order fulfillment, product information management and processing, customer services combining consultancy, latest technology and operations we have successfully provided foreign language ecommerce support services in multiple foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish, English etc. to our clients worldwide.

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Building a loyal and robust customer is not an easy task. Dedication and diligence are needed to attract customers towards your business and the most important role is played by the e-commerce customer support service agent. PIE Multilingual is a market leader and has been the first choice for ecommerce customer support outsourcing. Broaden your customer reach across the different markets of the globe by partnering with us and avail multiple business benefits,

Omni Channel Support

We offer integrated e-commerce customer solutions across multiple contact methods, like phone, email, social media, chats, SMS etc.

Efficient Virtual Support

Highly trained and experienced professionals at Pie Multilingual are abode to offer the best management of eCommerce services.

Cost Effective Solutions

Outsourcing services to our organization will take an overhead burden of hiring, training and office settlement of employees, thus cutting costs.

Consistent Business Solutions

We offer accurate feedback about services and products to increase the overall experience of the customers and ensure better sales.

E-Commerce Support Services Case Study

Customer support to sports equipment selling E-commerce Company

Our team helped them in Ticket handling in multiple foreign languages to reduce response time. Our team helped the client to scale up its service level from 40% to 90%. READ MORE ➤


India has become a leading destination of e-commerce business and with this virtual eCommerce support services demand is increasing day by day. During peak times management of large product delivery volumes with accuracy in the supply chain process maintained and doing 24*7 customer service along with it can be a hectic task for the internal working employee’s an organization.

Augment E commerce efficiency by accelerating the processing of products in the market with PIE Multilingual, one of the leading call centers in India providing supports in many distinct languages and diverse locations across the globe in competitive price range. Outsource eCommerce customer support services in India to us and leave a powerful impact on your business by bringing huge monetary benefits with the large customer base.

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