Outsource Email Support Services

Email has and will always remain the best medium of non-voice communication with the client. Its importance lies in the fact that it is critical to an effective customer relationship management for every business. So, outsourcing this function to an expert will guarantee success to your customer relationship efforts. Pie Multilingual, a prominent IT-BPO offers cost-effective email response service to organizations and contributes towards their brand-building and growth.

Multilingual Email Support Service Outsourcing

We offer a wide range of bespoke multilingual email support solutions that enables your organization to provide high quality customer service and boost marketing efforts. With an efficient monitoring and quality control systems in place, we fully guarantee the effectiveness of our email support outsourcing services. We generate client centric databases/knowledge banks in accordance to your business needs and requirements and offer domain-specific assistance to potential customers.

Business Benefits of Outsourcing to Multilingual Company

Organizations can focus on their core competencies having entrusted us with the work of developing effective customer relationships through email support. Our wide base of satisfied clients from varied strata of industry validates our reputation of a reliable and dependable multilingual email support outsourcing service provider.

Our clients obtain the following business benefits:

  • Better-quality customer service
  • Quicker responsiveness
  • Faster fulfilment of orders
  • Effective brand building
  • Better connectivity
  • Quicker resolution of customer complaints
  • Decreased downtime
  • Improved productivity

Advantage of Our Efficient Email Support Procedure

We have created a knowledge base of commonly asked questions and answers after considering the needs and requirements of our clients. The knowledge bank is kept updated and relevant based on customer feedback to our staff. On receipt of the email, it is directed to the relevant agent who refers to the knowledge bank to provide a clear and complete answer to the client. This helps to hike customer satisfaction and decrease incidences of follow-ups.

Partner with Multilingual Email Support Expert

We offer multiple kind of email packages with working days and hours suited to the time zones of clients. Our staffs are educated on the products and services of our clients and have the requisite expertise in the sphere of email customer service support. It is able to therefore offer quick fix solutions to the clients. Key factors that give a competitive edge to our clients are our:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Multilingual Support
  • Call centre infrastructure
  • Pricing structure
  • Call centre hiring process
  • Multiple channel support
  • Effective control and monitoring

We are a one-stop destination for quick and cost-effective email support solutions. Outsource your multilingual email support services to us and we will help you to race past your competitors.

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