Globalization has imposed various challenges to many organizations planning to gain their foothold in the international market. Many times organizations generate the required lead but still lose their clients because of the inefficiency in communicating the sales and visible revenue. We at Pie Multilingual provide excellent sales support services to help you retain your national and international clients by delivering them tangible ROI throughout the sales funnel. Our technically experienced distributors and representatives located worldwide provide fast response to your queries regarding customized and standard products with their sales figures.

To help you get an idea of how we build your project, we transform your inquiries into orders and quotes. We create a layout in the system for every inquiry. Our sales support experts work in close collaboration with the marketing team to help you generate more revenue by keeping your sales pipeline flowing with steady productive qualified leads.


Reliable sales support services greatly benefit a business in creating sales pipeline and supporting sales funnel. Our highly-experienced knowledgeable domain experts and sales support professionals provide immaculate international sales support services for various industry verticals. Outsource your sales support requirements to our expert professionals and watch your revenue rolling. Our sales support specialists strengthen your sales funnel to fuel revenue growth. We maintain continuous communication with international customers via email and telephone.

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Multi-country sales company would be able to increase revenue by developing business internationally. Our experienced will help you with:

  • Contact discovery and lead generation facility
  • Account profiling
  • Lead qualification
  • Event database management
  • Improved productivity
  • Competent and smooth closure of sales deals

Focus on short and long-term goals of your organization and leave the responsibility of international sales management to our experienced and highly-skillful sales support professionals.


Our outsourced international sales support services assist the International Sales Director as well as other members of the sales team in various administrative requirements of sales. In other words, we help you in growing the sales of your business worldwide. We can administer your sample worldwide campaign by focused email. We assist in:

Client support

We have created our service to Provide support for project and campaign meetings to the client.

Updated information

We ensure that we create and update sales reports at regular intervals according to needs.

Manage sales data

Our experts will manage sales database in provided CRM to stay focused on Business development.


Sales Development team Ensure smooth communication with customer to generate revenue from multiple locations.

Document maintainance

We Maintain the file of agreements and contracts to monitor expiration and also renewal.

key information

We also provide sales information to our key consumer to ensure enhancement in their business.

Outsource your sales support services to us and acquire a better understanding and in-depth insight of your sales data. Witness better sales pipeline and improved customer acquisition in swift turnaround time with cost-effective manner.

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