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PIE Multilingual offers high-quality multilingual transcription services for universities, businesses, media houses, entertainment industry, legal houses, etc. Get accurate and easy-to-read transcriptions for:

Better Results with Native Experienced Transcribers

Our unique 3 edged check process assures accuracy of over 99%. Our transcription team comprises of:

  • Experienced audio transcriptionists, who can convert your audio files with the highest level of accuracy and quality
  • Certified proofreaders, who rectify errors in transcribed files
  • Get Audio Files Transcribed, Written in Foreign Languages

At PIE Multilingual, we have experienced foreign language experts, who can transcribe audio files in English efficiently from foreign languages like:

  • Chinese Language Transcription
  • Japanese Transcription Services
  • Spanish Transcription
  • German Transcription
  • Korean and other languages

Foreign Language Audio Transcription Pricing Model

Our transcription services starts from:

  • 80 cents per Minute Audio: USD 48 per hour Audio
  • 85 cents per Minute Video: USD 51 per hour Video

Prices are subjected to change due to various factors.


Submission Time– The price of our service varies according to the speed at which you require the project to be completed.
Reception of Recorded Audio or Video– If the script is not audible properly, we deploy high tech tools to improve the quality and then go for transcribing the file.
The Number of Speakers Available on the Audio– When an audio file comprises of many speakers, then the task of transcribing it becomes critical. However, we deploy specialized techniques to isolate each voice and carry out the transcription task.
Special Formatting– Any sort of special formatting request will be considered while finalizing the price. The final price depends on page numbers, logo insertion, etc.
Optional Time Stamping– Based on your requirement, time stamping of transcripts is provided and charged at $4 per hour per speaker for a specific project.

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Transcription Price Disclaimer

At PMS, we make every effort to ensure that price published on website is accurate and up-to date. However these mentioned prices are only indicative and depending on project scope it can be changed.

Final price of any project depends on multiple factors like project complexity, Scope of work, turnaround time and expertise required to complete any task. Hence final price may vary from project to project however we try our best to provide cost effective solution on all of your business requirements.

When you partner with PMS, Multilingual Transcription cost is known to you up-front and your bill will have no surprises.

Advantages of Multilingual Recruitment Company

Data Security

8 hrs per day We are committed to protect your data with a number of careful system.

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Quality System

Hourly Basis Our goal is to provide best quality in all deliverables.

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Business Benefits

Fixed Cost Being Multilingual business company we bring multiple advantages.

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