Computer solution services

With the high-paced level of technology which is increasing gradually, the demand for Remote Technical Support Providers is too mounting high. Technical assistance includes conservative planning and design, the mechanism and inspection of approved conservation practices. Probably whenever your company faces Technical support problems, the easiest way to tackle them is by outsourcing them to Pie Multilingual Services, who with in-depth efficiency and an outstanding attitude serves you with a brilliant support.

We have been providing affordable and reliable enterprise class computer IT support, outsourcing to small and medium sized businesses globally.


Globally, on a large scale, the corporations are demanding for Technical Support Providers who can guide them through a variety of aspects considering quality, cost-effectiveness and round the clock availability. In addition to our 24*7*365 service of our Helpdesk, we provide you a real time remote technical support with a trouble shooting environment that suits your needs without tampering the data given to us.

Technical Support Issues comprise of:

  • Network status Management
  • System’s administration
  • Web Browser Support
  • Virus Removal Support
  • Antivirus Technical Support
  • Customer Sales and Support Services
  • Application or Desktop queries
  • Connectivity related problems
  • Internet Troubleshooting
  • Installation Support


Getting Multilingual Remote Technical Support Services in almost all foreign languages like Spanish, French, German, Japanese, etc. is a bit difficult for a single company. But regardless of that, we tend to develop a sense of competition by serving you with most of your requirements in your native languages to help your company gain the desired support and perspective that it is seeking.

Multilingual Technical Support Consultant- Pie Multilingual

  • Complete tech support and management of Technology
  • Real-time IT solution and troubleshooting
  • Getting complete IT solution with multilingual support in a vast area of languages like Spanish, French, Russian, Korean etc.
  • Getting dedicated IT support from the helpdesk
  • Installation and configuration of new computer system and software  

Our technical support service solutions will help you get bespoken preferences and lifestyle patterns to deliver optimized and futuristic IT solutions for your business.

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