Antipiracy outsourcing services

Are you worried about piracy? Is your content being copied on cyber lockers, peer to peer networks and other offending sites? We have an end-to-end Multilingual Anti piracy research service that discovers and validates pirated contents to keep your business secure and safe. We propose a package of online brand protection solutions fabricated for considerable outcomes. Our anti-piracy solutions sanction the authority to copyright owners to make out which websites are posing the maximum threat to their trade. This gradually helps them take action to trim down the availability and illegal distribution of their property across Internet. This may include Search Engines, blogs, newsgroups, forums, torrent index sites and one-click hosting sites.

PIE MULTILINGUAL is comprised of a team of professionals who, as members of the entertainment industry, have had anti-piracy battles. Our experience has taught us that there is no need to be the victim of piracy, when you can become a part of the solution. This newfound empowerment shaped our mission to educate and others through our force.


Our anti-counterfeiting solutions are endowed with monitoring and removal of counterfeit produce from foremost online marketplaces, trade portals and eCommerce websites. Our solution includes advanced analytics and identification of major offenders who trade on manifold websites.
Regardless of the size of your company, we encourage you to contact us so that we can assist you with the development of an anti-piracy strategy and provide services to protect your content and other intellectual properties.

Want to hammer PIRACY down? – Here we come with a solution.

We successfully hit and minimize global piracy for film piracy, music piracy, publishing industries and live sports broadcast. 24 hours per day, 365 days a year!


Cinema and Films

Many of the viewers on Internet do not pay to watch the content of Filmmakers and these Filmmakers gradually lose revenue opportunities. Besides this, they violate their online rights by pursuing unauthorized distributions of their material. Piracy has spread like virus on the Internet in various forms. We’ll bring the virus of film piracy to an end and will strive to make this complicated task, a trivial one.

E-books and Music

E-reader applications, when on one hand provide the convenience of being easily accessible to the books; on the other hand it is at the same time making a way for piracy. The number is constantly growing and is now more rampant than before. Piracy’s real effect on music sales is difficult to determine. Downloading music illegally can harm the music industry. These illegal activities are performed through Counterfeiting, Pirated Recordings and Bootlegging. Pie Multilingual Services can help the music industry fight this battle. Counterfeiting, pirate recordings, bootlegging.

Software and Gaming

Are you trying to defend your IPR (Intellectual Property Right)? Being an integral part of the industry as well as everyone’s life, the gaming industry is also confronting problems related to piracy like downloading and circumvention. We will help you to take your copyright back.Software piracy is the unauthorized copying of copyrighted software. Irrespective of the language, whether you are a native of Japan, Germany, Korea, Spain, etc., we’re proficient in tracking your pirated software from any country.

Distinctive Features

  • Multilingual cum Multi-geographic Support
  • Enthusiastic and committed Staff
  • Reporting of real time statistics
  • Updated to provide awareness and consequences

Are you also affected with Piracy? Please contact us for Anti piracy research solution & our team will come-up with an effective solution.

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