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Every organization needs to maintain a competitive workforce for years to come and efficient e-Learning courses can be extremely useful to train this workforce develop various skills. Partnering with e-learning education companies would be an ideal choice to achieve the expected result. At PIE MULTILINGUAL, we are well equipped to provide your organization with well conceived, well designed, corporate training solutions that are interactive in nature.

Our strong Outsource E-Learning Services are designed and based on a thorough study of your target audience like behavioral patterns and various degrees of learning capabilities of your workforce. Once the analyzing phase is over, our team of experienced instructional designers start designing a world-class corporate training solution which is efficient to meet your requirement. We can build a content based on your organization’s requirements or customize your own materials for the targeted tutorials on hard media or via e-learning management system (LMS). We are focused on improving the quality of the training modules and reducing the cost of delivery. Our e-Learning services include self-paced learning sessions, instructor led training as well as progress and achievement monitoring.

We follow 6 steps to deliver you the best:

  • Gathering information – We gather specific information about your requirements, target audience, and identify measurable objects.
  • Planning & designing – We plan how to go about developing and designing the course materials.
  • Development of content for the training – Our content and design teams work in conjunction with each other to write the content, develop multimedia effects and create interactive simulations.
  • Production – We create audio-visual content, review them and incorporate changes to refine the quality of the product.
  • Publish – We make the final copy of the tutorial and deploy.
  • Post production – Based on feedback from surveys, we bring necessary changes and deliver you the end-product.

Our training modules are built specifically to teach your workforce:

  • How they can meet the desired performance level.
  • How to adapt to a new change within the organization in terms of job responsibility, organizational structure or any change in policy or technology.
  • Learn new technology, processes and acquire new skill sets.

So, go forward choose e-learning companies in India to outsource e-learning requirements to us!

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