In this urbanizing world, apart from the content management systems,Multilingual e-Publishing Services, ePUB Conversion Services are still a meager asset and too not ubiquitous. Media, the five letter word has changed the form of TV, radio, movies, ebooks, catalogues,ePUB, brochures and many more mediums by which we either communicate or transfer our expressions through a third party medium. Devotion to produce original and creative solutions that go beyond the clients’ expectations and meet their budget is a challenge. Pie Multilingual Services work with a passionate group of individuals with above industry-standard knowledge and complements all angles of your branding proposal like desktop publishing programs, book publishing services, eBook publishing services etc.

We deliver successful graphic design solutions for how to publish an ebook, catalogue or brochure that can add value to our client’s business. Our expertise lies in constructing and conversating with our client’s product through online design and print. Whether digital or print, complex or simple, we have a well-merited reputation for delivering on time and on budget, going beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our corporate individuality, environmental graphic design and e-magazine publishing services let your brand communicate with an effective voice that suits your business perfectly.

E-book publishing Expertise

Multi-cultural spectrum: Spreading a tint of culture across the globe, we make you avail any sort of media or the mediums related to academics in almost all the languages creating an aesthetic appeal, so that your approach to convey the knowledge would reach each and every part of the world and simultaneously create loads of awareness. Enhance your global presence by our multilingual designing that will help you choose a better publishing services company like us.


With the collective effort and support of our team, we believe in providing you efficiently with the multilingual publication in any of your native language. We have the cultural flavor to understand sense to deliver electronic books. We have professional translators who give full-fledged translations and then these translations are surely ensured for absolute accuracy, hardly matters if the content provided to them is in the form of Magazines, Journals, Comic Books or something else.

Softwares that we bring into play

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Page Maker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe In Design
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Corel Draw Graphic Suite
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 


Your translated business cards, marketing materials, business documentation, presentations and more will have a look and will be steady with your original materials. No matter how complex your project is, relating to blog publishing service, online book publishing, fiction publishing or any other, Pie Multilingual Services will meet your wishes.

Our round the clock availability makes us more accessible to you. Keeping the same criteria in mind you can approach us at any point of time according to any time zone.

We’re a highly accomplished graphic design studio that is quickly responsive and adapt to clients’ desires in an ever changing marketplace. First, we consider what needs to be achieved and then we think about how it will appear and function.

Our Multilingualism has changed the perception of the people in the market to think and perform more widely. We have the potential to publish and print on demand, your material in variegated languages.

 Client Concern

In today’s business environment the importance of creating a distinctive identity faces a cutthroat competition!

We understand the challenges that this may pose to the average business. Therefore we provide:

  • Cost effective graphic designs
  • Rush orders are delivered in time
  • Committed to provide the best possible ebook creative solution for your business.

  • With the conceptual development experience of advertising & marketing materials for numerous mediums such as newspaper, magazines, bill board, signage, marketing and branding materials.
  • Your proposal is our Agenda! 

Multilingual desktop publishing, Multilingual e-pub outsourcing company- We Listen, Create and Deliver Multilingual ebook publishing services at your door step.

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