Outsource Financial Transcription Services to Pie Multilingual

Is your firm burdened with loads of financial transcription work and doesn’t have the required expertise to handle it? Outsource all your financial transcription needs to Pie Multilingual Services and get advantage of our expertise and experience in the field. You can find your perfect financial transcription partner in us as we provide you a list of services par excellence in the field of financial transcription.

Need for Financial Transcription Services in today’s times

Today’s financial sector is characterized by great volatilities. Colossal gains or losses of gigantic proportions are experienced by various constituents of the world’s financial markets. Board-rooms have no longer remained the restrictive boundaries of high-profile financial meetings in today’s times. Proper documentation to keep track of all these volatile happenings at various financial meets or events is a must. What better way than to outsource to India your financial transcription needs and who better than us to be the right Indian partner.

Multiple Language Transcribing Solutions

Professional financial transcription expert is the need of the hour in view of changing technology and the growing financial markets. The increasing entry of multinational entity corporations have brought in multiple languages and accents into the board-rooms. We, at Pie Multilingual Services, have experts who identify innumerable accents and languages to transcribe audios into a skilful document with almost total accuracy.

Financial transcription process at PMS

The audio or video file which is sent by the client to be transcribed is retrieved by the transcriber who understands it and types it carefully into the text format. Proof reading takes place and when the document is checked fully, it is converted into the required file format and sent to the client. We create unique documents, tailor-made to suit the requirements of all clients. All your digital financial transcription requirements are fulfilled satisfactorily from the experts at our end.

Outsourcing Financial Transcription Services to an Expert hand

The transcriptionists at our end are tested and well-trained in language skills, familiar with related jargon and are ingrained with the work-mantra of ‘accuracy’. Their repertoire of English vocabulary is vast and so is their proficiency in interpreting U.S. regional accents and other foreign accents. Our multilingual professionals take around forty-eight hours as turn-around time for a financial transcript. This efficiency enables our team to undertake and execute all kind of transcription projects with confidence within the stipulated times.

The transcriptions are supplied in multiple file formats and also provided through barcode reader options. Irrespective of the file format, the professionals at our end ensure timely delivery of the text documents.

Business Benefits accruing to Clients:

Outsourcing financial transcription services to us provides coverage of all financial events to the client. Listed below are some of the advantages:

  • Cost-savings through reduction in overhead costs by outsourcing the required work
  • Better Focus by business houses on their client management
  • Increased productivity through timely execution of important projects by business houses
  • Secure transcription storage with data confidentiality
  • 24 x 7 support of our dedicated team of financial transcripts

We offer a range of Superior Financial transcription services for:

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Company Reports
  • Annual Meetings
  • Business Surveys
  • Financial Reports
  • Press Conferences
  • Seminars and many more

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