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Business Research Outsourcing

PIE MULTILINGUAL’s business research team differentiates between local, regional & global. To achieve distinguished advantage we do have multilingual research capability to discover business to business as well as business to consumer opportunities. In today’s dynamic competitive market, while understanding the demand of exploring existing business, we also provide market assessment and opportunity identification. We develop or adapt individual, tailored or customized research solutions to address precisely the questions and issues that are unique to each and every client.

Brand Strategy Research

At PIE MULTILINGUAL – offering of complete solution of marketing information- we have an area of expertise within our business research covering a wide array of sectors and functional lines providing the healthiest solutions of all business challenges. We work across time zone providing worldwide, multi-locations and multi-lingual Business and Market Research solutions to our clients.

Pie Multilingual- Perfect Solution to your Business Research Needs

Conducting knowledgeable business research is of utmost importance before the start of any business. Pie Multilingual is a veteran in this field and comprises of skilled personnel who help to transform your dreams of having a successful business into a reality. Pie Multilingual has done this through its:

Comprehensive & Customized Business to Business Market Research

We have been providing B2B research consultancy to some of the known national and global companies. We have ensured high customer satisfaction levels through our in-depth industry and company analysis, competitive landscaping, study of trends, attitudes and opinions of consumers, regulatory environment and the impact on economy, entry strategies and many more such services.

Multilingual Business Research Consultancy

Our multilingual business research consultants use authentic and relevant market research methods and techniques to identify new prospects in different industry sectors across the country. Our market research reports are prepared using latest techniques combined with accurate scientific reasoning.

Multi-country Business Research Advisory Role 

Market research has no national boundaries. Today with the rise of global markets, you need to have reliable market research intelligence services for industries spanning the globe. Pie Multilingual has experienced market research industry experts who can help to take your business to the next level.

Our business research solutions are tailored as per clients’ requirement, proposed schedule and above all budget based. While doing this research we consider all factors that is crucial to take matured decision as our data gathering process starts from scratch. Our research team helps you to get distinctive position to keep you away from crowd.

Business Benefits from Multilingual Business Research Company

  • In-detail analysis of current & future market;
  • To accelerate strategy formulation and business planning;
  • Multilingual cum multi-geographical coverage;
  • Support to enhance investor/media relations from any country;
  • Rapid, exact, pioneering and Multi-geographical data usage enabled by proprietary analytic tools to develop a solution that speak the requirement of our clients

We cover a wide and exhaustive range of all the information streams to solve strategically the problems of companies dealing in a variety of sectors.

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