In today’s world of cut-throat competition businesses cannot afford to take decisions based on intuition or estimated figures. All opportunities; whether evident or hidden have to be pursued and executed to maintain a high growth chart for your business. Outsourcing business research services enables companies to widen their business reach and remain ahead all the time. Get expert solution on multiple requirements including;-

At PIE Multilingual, we believe in following a systematic approach for business research of the organizations. This methodology is followed through the different stages of the business. During its early stages this type of research helps in the generation of basic understanding of the target market so that clients can be assisted. Later, the business market research is done in which the entire scenario of the market is considered, needs of the customers are understood and then according to the competitor’s behavior and latest challenges are identified. When the process gets completed, clients are made to follow few changes in their processes, thus emerging as a profit making organization among their competitors.


We are one of the leading multi-country business research companies servicing clients across the globe. With many years of domain experience and expertise our team at Pie Multilingual has deep insight of every business function crucial to the success of the organization. Our business research solutions have enabled organizations to surmount all the challenges that came their way and move ahead on the path of growth and success. Our market research services equip organizations to understand the existing market conditions in a better way and get the required competitive edge that is so necessary for every business.


Our basket of business research services range from basic customer research to detailed research campaigns. They are broadly divided into:

Analysis of Industry & Markets: For industry analysis we consider economic factors and long-term trends that are likely to impact the overall industry performance. Under market analysis, we undertake strategy for market entry, market sizing and market expansion studies, sector studies and SWOT analysis.
Competitive Intelligence: We place emphasis on strengthening the competitive status of our clients so that they become a force to reckon with. Our services comprise making need/gap analysis, competitor analysis, target buyer lists, pricing research and analysis, bench-marking studies and analysis of company profile.
Information Support Services: Identifying relevant data from the internet and using it meaningfully for research and analysis is our forte. Our services include building contact lists, developing business plans, feasibility studies and relevant country analysis.


Multilingual Business Research Company would be able to open new door for your business in new geography. Partnering with multi-country research Service Company will bring multiple benefits including:

On-time delivery

Our projects adhere to the delivery schedules decided with our clients.

Reasonable pricing

We offer business research services at reasonable prices.

Global Quality Standards

We make no compromise on quality. Our services follow ISO quality standards.

Security maintenance

Stringent protocols are followed, and unauthorized persons cannot access them.


Planning to outsource your business research services, then you are most welcomed at Pie Multilingual. We are one of the most trusted partners for business research services in India and worldwide offering comprehensive research solutions in affordable prices and in swift turnaround time.
With decades of experience in business consulting, in-house team at our organization is packed with comprehensive knowledge of business functions that are very much needed to overcome the business challenges with 100% security and confidentiality guaranteed. Thus, empowering organization to know the current market conditions and stay ahead of the competition.

Business research strengthens the very foundation of businesses – target markets, customers, products and services. Empower your business with us as our deep subject matter expert would be able to open new opportunity for your business with competitive weapons & increased return. Partner with business research expert and lay a strong foundation to your business.

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