Outsource Multilingual CATI Services

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is a high-end technology often used for marketing and telephonic surveys by many organizations. CATI serves as a vital tool to gather rich and valuable information about customers, competitors, retailers, physicians, and industry executives. We at PIE Multilingual provide groundbreaking CATI solutions for B2B as well as B2C industrial segments. Our multilingual expertise, native resource, quality centric approach, delivery speed help us deliver flawless CATI services. Our callers are effectively trained for research, voice modulation, and mock calls to ensure successful CATI research surveys. Our customized cost-effective multilingual solutions provide valuable insights for organizations and help them in exploring new marketing opportunities throughout the globe.

Outsourcing Multilingual CATI Services

CATI is said to be a significant tool for gathering rich and valuable information about customers, business competitors, retailers, physicians, markets and industry executives and that is why has become imperative for companies to outsource multilingual CATI services. The business issues addressed by the CATI service offering organizations are mentioned below:

Customer satisfaction surveys
New Product development, usage and placement studies
Market segmentation research
Buyer behavior and need analysis
Pricing studies
Employee assessments
Events, Conference feedback surveys
Rural and remote research and studies
Social, cultural studies, to name a few

We thoroughly research your requirements to ensure unique solutions for your complicated CATI requirements. Our proficient multi-country multilingual CATI experts are well-versed with multiple domains and various industry verticals. Our Telemarketing experts conduct multi-mode interviews for your research requirements. Our CATI services help you gain innovative insights about potential customers, marketing opportunities, and trends. Our innovative CATI methods help you create a customer journey highlighting their choices and views.


We follow a dynamic approach for telephone survey. Our real-time quota management and sampling help us gather required information on client project. On the basis of client requirements, we customize ourselves to gather required data throughout the project. No matter which country you are targeting, we work for all country along with Languages. By using native resources having many years of experience we guarantee to deliver superior output to implement in your research. Furthermore depending on requirement either we can submit English or Multilingual report.

Our multilingual expertise, years-long domain experience, and commitment to quality help us deliver immaculate CATI services for our esteemed customers located worldwide.

Multilingual CATI Service Advantage

our multilingual CATI solutions employ unique dialer technology to ensure efficient call management and accurate data collection. Our innovative research-on-research approach helps us in creating groundbreaking CATI solutions for complicated research scenarios and difficult operational challenges. Our professional CATI experts are proficient in multiple industrial domains. Our tightly integrated telemarketing platforms provide the required tools as well as communication channels for delivering real-time status of your research projects. Our cost-effective solutions save you from cost overruns. We provide CATI services for multi-mode interviewing, customer satisfaction studies, consumer product surveys, and research-based B2B and B2C interviews. With us, you get:

  • Professional and innovative CATI services
  • Cost-effective customized solutions
  • Delivery in swift turnaround time
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Least operational overhead
  • High volume data sampling
  • Collation and analysis of statistical research data
  • Data security and confidentiality

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PIE Multilingual is a one-stop solution to all your CATI requirements. Our proficient CATI experts with multi-domain industry experience and decade-long domain expertise provide comprehensive CATI solutions for all your business requirements. Get innovative bespoke multilingual CATI solutions in swift turnaround time. Reach international markets and customize your products for specific customer requirements on the basis of accurate and strong CATI research surveys. Partner with us today for all diverse requirements for CATI research surveys.

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