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PIE MULTILINGUAL believes that CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) continues to play a vital role in market and social research. We offer a range of Multilingual CATI solutions to clients across the world and we cater to both B2C and B2B segments of the industry. We are experienced in voice, accent, administering questions, delivery speed, accuracy and telephone etiquette. We have groomed our callers well by offering them a deep insight into research, mock calls and voice modulation training to improve the effectiveness of the exercise.

This has helped our CATI market research surveys yield excellent results to help you to perceive and be aware of your target audience to meet your business targets. Moreover, our multilingual, fast, accurate and low cost solutions can help you to customize your products creating new opportunities for your organization across various global locations and language.

The cycle initiates from preparing operations to producing result reports and final presentation.

  • Sampling and real-time quota management
  • Build scenarios or questionnaires
  • Dynamically control the call stations
  • Link actions in sequence
  • Keep track of campaigns
  • Apply analysis at any moment
  • Multiple level user management
  • Multilingual support in report creation using multiple templates

Our multilingual CATI research outsourcing solution offers a unique dialer technology that enables efficient call management and accurate and reliable data collection for effective marketing research. We are investing heavily in research-on-research to create innovative CATI solutions for difficult research and operational challenges. We have designed a tightly integrated proprietary software platform that addresses many of the details overlooked by other platforms also used for telemarketing. We provide the necessary tools and communication channels to ensure that you know the status of your research project in real-time, thus reducing the chance of cost overruns.

In addition to this, we offer multi-mode interviewing, consumer product, customer satisfactions studies, B2B and B2C interviewing to provide a great height to your research. We understand that in comparison to personal interviews, telephonic interviews do not enjoy a great margin of advantage. Perhaps speed and cost are the only parameters of advantage. However, the cost of human resource in developing countries being relatively low, speed remains as the only potential advantage over personal interviews. We are blessed with a bunch of smart, well–trained and motivated interviewers, who are the most important element of our quality CATI services. They take utmost care while any CATI studies are being conducted and at PIE MULTILINGUAL, we follow strict quality control and monitoring procedures for maximum customer satisfaction.

With PIE MULTILINGUAL’s multilingual CATI services you can:

  • Save time over field data collection
  • Lower operational overhead
  • Collect high sample volume with repeated contact attempts
  • Collate and analyze statistical data rapidly

Our multilingual CATI outsourcing will help you reach international markets practically anywhere in the world and customize your products to meet region wise specific needs, which will create a pool of future customers for your organization. In nutshell, it’s fast, accurate and most important of all, extremely cost-effective.

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