Piemultilingual.com offers multilingual subtitling amongst other services including:

  • Video captioning
  • Foreign Language Subtitling
  • Closed captioning services
  • German subtitling services

We do have cost effective subtitling pricing structure in English as well as foreign languages to suit your budget costs. Our pricing policy is significantly more reliable, affordable and competitive.

PER MINUTE Pricing Model

English language subtitling has a starting price of USD 6 per minute video.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Price

Hire full time Subtitling expert to work on long term project exclusively with a starting price of USD 1100 per month per individual.


We understand that certain projects may require customized price structure & we are

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ready to customize subtitling price for you.

Get customized price on subtitling services. Customized price depends on few factors.

Factors affecting prices:

  • Volume of Video
  • Turnaround time
  • Deliverable file formats

Contact us today to get high quality and fast subtitling services from leading multilingual subtitling outsourcing consultant at an affordable price.