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With the world coming on to your desktop, the demand fortranscription services in multiple foreign languages is mounting day by day & to cater the needs of such demands, we are proud to introduce our self as one-stop platform to provide you superior solutions for all transcription needs in the terms of diversified languages like French, Spanish, German, Japanese in respect of domains i.e. in financial aspects, hospitality, legal transcription services, medical transcription services, online transcription services, health care and many more.
Since inception, we are known for uncompromising accuracy and precision & above all cost effectiveness. Our foreign language transcriptionists are natives in the target language and are experienced professionals in the related fields. To deliver you unsurpassed result, our transcribers are highly trained, handpicked and terminology experts who meet the highest levels of quality assurance.

We provide our clients with certified verbatim transcripts in any format that they desire. To avoid technical barriers, we are able to accept in any format that you have. Similarly output files will be delivered as per request.


Transcription is one of the fastest growing legitimate areas of production. With the investment of smart and improved technology, PIE MULTILINGUAL SERVICES provides almost each and everything transcribed on a rapid scale. Being known for our commitment hitherto, we do not believe in presenting a facade look rather in enhancing our perspective along with yours. We strive to uphold the superiority of the final transcription provided to you with constantly increasing potential.


In highly competitive industry, we adopt stringent data security policies to keep your business information secure as our all transcriptions are done under strict confidentiality. Ours’ highly confidential service ensures that all recordings and transcripts, irrespective of content, are handled with Information Security Policy and comply with this at all time. We are willing to sign any specific Non-Disclosure Agreement with any customer who requests one. Your data is not just an assignment for us to be fulfilled, but it is the trust enclosed within these services of ours. We prioritize in providing the flexibility to have a win on complex situations and it can be learnt from this very aspect that the bridge that connects your tasks to our services is no more obscure. The documents of your transcribed files are kept confidential and assure that the documents are not disclosed. Your anonymity will be concealed within us. If you have any confidentiality or security issues that you wish to discuss before placing work with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch


Our team re-verifies the projects after they are done to completely ensure the desired output and needs of the clients and accordingly the transcription service rates. Our skillful transcriptionists revise the files to attain a qualitative result for our clients and the companies we work with. We seek to secure cost effectiveness with an uncompromising quality to sustain a tranquil relationship that serves as a boon for our clients. Our transcriptions go through the same high-end quality assurance process that we follow for our other language services.


We are at the forefront of providing digital transcription services to a variety of industries. 100% accurate transcriptions are a rare thing to find in this industry and that too in variegated domains, whereas preciseness is the backbone of the services delivered by us in the best possible time frame set by the customer himself. Our transcription rates start from a very reasonable figure that you would prefer while choosing your business partners across the world. We offer detailed pricing and personalized quotes too. Interview, conference, research and verbatim transcripts are a part of our services.

PIE MULTILINGUAL provides multilingual transcription services for various industries like healthcare, market research, academic research and many more. At PIE MULTILINGUAL we can:

  • Transform your audio content (source language) in a written format
  • Translate the written content into target language as specified by you
  • Convert the written translation into an audio file before delivering.

Our proficiency lies in dealing on a vast scale on legal, healthcare and market research transcription services comprising again of a wide variety of aspects.!

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