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TranslationBridging the communication gap

It has become a necessity for any organization to make a global impact and to reach out to a large number of customers worldwide. Professional translation services can help you overcome language barriers and provide you with diversified multilingual assistance. Imagine the number of new customers that you can address by simply translating your website, catalog or brochure into global languages.

PIE MULTILINGUAL is a fast growing multilingual translation service provider, dedicated to providing high quality professional language translation services at an affordable price. Since inception, we have been providing our global translation services to our customers. Today, we have the expertise and resources to translate your documents from the source language to any other language of the world.

Quality Control

Quality is always the number one thing in our customers’ mind and that’s exactly why it is always at the top of our priority list. Since language is an evolving entity, anybody who has adapted a language will be absolutely unsuitable to translate material for the target audience of another country. To ensure that our foreign language translation services are most accurate, quality checks are built in at every point in the translation process and we always use native speakers for the job. All our translators follow dedicated quality assurance procedures to check that all translated materials are of the highest standards before delivering them to you. Our passion for quality and excellence create the winning dynamic that places our clients in the highest levels of achievement.

Certified Resources

Our resources are certified by leading national as well as international organizations and each of them goes through a series of multilingual tests and evaluations before they are taken on board. Thus, we bring an excellent combination of certified translators, superior language solutions, and world class support system under one roof to cater the need of language translation, offering superior quality solutions at cost-effective rates. We serve all major industries and specialize in providing  legal translation services, patent translation services, medical translation services, web translation services and many more for companies across the globe.We indulge ourselves in quality translations to maintain the consistency of the documents given. We are specialized to work with almost all subject matters and formats. Once a document is translated, is then again proofread by a second independent translator for quality check.

24/7 Availability

Translation extends beyond the commitment of a 9-5 job and only a thorough professional translation service provider with a very strong work ethic, experienced communicators and an organized team can deliver your message precisely. Our customer care department offers round-the-clock support to deal with all your queries and deadlines, no matter how stringent they may be. With experience and dedication, we have become the master of handling rush translation assignments on demand and it shows with our ever increasing client base.


It is extremely important for us to maintain confidentiality as it shows respect for our clients and develops a mutual trust. We understand the importance of maintaining this confidentiality as we are aware of the sensitive nature of many documents that have been given to us for translation. We make sure that any information and document delivered to us by clients are kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third party and all working papers are shredded before they are disposed.

Reasons to outsource Translation services

If an organization wants to be at the forefront of competition it has to entrench its foothold in the international markets and this can only be done if it breaks the language barrier. Pie Multilingual is a leading multilingual outsourcing firm that is a one-stop language services provider to a large and varied client base. Considering these Translation outsourcing benefits, We offer the best and accurate output at highly cost-effective rates leading to a win-win situation for every business.

At PIE MULTILINGUAL, we edit, translate or localize millions of pages of content and this includes:

  • Website Localization
  • Translation of Market Research Reports
  • Financial, Legal & Medical Translation
  • Translations for Biotechnology
  • Business & Technical Translation
  • Sub-Titling of foreign films
  • Immigration Papers Translation
  • Certificates & Diploma Translation
  • Automotive Translation

Your single point of multilingual translation service provider!

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