PIE MULTILINGUAL SERVICES is a pioneer in delivering creative services. We are the image masking experts providing services at affordable prices. We are a company from which highest possible guarantee of quality and satisfaction can be derived. Outsource Photoshop Image Masking Services to a reliable company which can ultimately fulfil your expectations. We believe in developing a symbiotic relation with our clients. If the client wishes to have desired changes even after completion of the project, we do not hesitate to re-work for his satisfaction. The clients go happy having in hand immediate correction and modification for their images.

Photo masking is a quint-essential pre-production service demanded by publishing houses, advertisement companies and eCommerce organizations. The nature of their business is very delicate and requires involvement of extreme attention to products/subjects. Our professionals have rich experience and are highly proficient and eligible for Image Masking Services.

We have highly skilled, experienced and a systematic chain of resources who use Image Masking techniques as follows:

  • Photoshop transparency masking
  • Alpha channel masking
  • Photoshop college masking

  • Translucent image masking
  • Advanced or complex layer (Hair & Fur) masking

The top quality masking, manipulating and outlining services can be provided by us, all at the same time. Our outstanding graphic designers have an expertise in Photoshop, thereby delivering fabulous color alteration services and the best results. The tasks are accomplished by our Graphic Design Outsource Company within hours.

We, at PIE MULTILINGUAL, are used to a variety of Photoshop image masking and image editing techniques, to apply image outlines for effective masking on to the images directly. The experienced designing professionals provide manual image masking services to our clients from a variety of industries. By hiring us as experts of Image Masking Services, you can not only save on time, cost and resources but you will also be able to invest your full-fledge energy on your core business process taking photographs or maintaining your e commerce portals.

The types of Photo Image Masking we deal in:

Basic or Simple Photo Masking: Non-transparent images with easy and uncomplicated curves require basic/simple image masking. Such images don’t require more than 10 minutes of hand-drawn photo masking. Removing background for such images is quite simple and trouble-free.

Medium Photo Masking: Images with uneven curves & sharp edges are a part of medium photo masking requirements. Wine or beer glasses are common examples of such images. The images need some efforts for working on transparency too.

Complex Photo Masking: Masking a complex image is a tedious task and quite exhausting. It takes at times more than 2-3 hours of time. Our hardworking Image masking experts put their best possible efforts into each and every picture. They carry out each job in the best possible manner. Masking hair, fur, semi-transparent or semi-translucent images like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, lighting, clothes etc. are categorized under complex photo masking requirements.

Being an outsource photo editing company we believe in maintaining strategic business partnership with our co-business partners. After being partnered with us, you will not only save time, but can also visualize the reduction in costs, hereby attaining the best expected output.

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