Are you planning to launch a new venture for which you need to search information at internet? A business enterprise must understand the industry, its competitors, and customer preferences before leveraging a new business opportunity. Do you need customized data for taking actionable decision for your business? Secondary research helps you in making better decisions on the basis of multi-lingual multi-geography data collection. In simpler words, secondary research helps you find most relevant information from huge private and public data.

We at Pie Multilingual provide excellent Multilingual cum multi-country secondary research service to collect valuable information that will help to establish your business successfully.


We at Pie Multilingual have the global expertise to provide a clear understanding of your customer preferences. We focus on consumer market research to provide customized market research services, measurement tools, and data analytic services to help you acquire a competitive advantage.

We provide outsourced secondary research services for new marketing strategies and various marketing campaigns. We provide a complete expansive perspective of the business market to suit your business environment. We are committed to providing steady valuable information at competitive prices with swift turnaround time.


We employ experienced quantitative and qualitative analyst, for secondary market research. Our applied research can help you in following dimensions:

  • Product development
  • Consumer Research
  • Organizational research
  • B2B Research
  • Brand Image Research
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Business Communication
  • Advertising Research

Secondary research gives you an in-depth assessment of market landscape, marketing trends, and new business opportunities covering a large audience and market size. Using the information at hand you can create strategic summaries and competitive profiles to track your competitors.


With our in-depth business insight, we have reached millions of customers located globally in different countries. We conduct customized secondary research focusing on emerging segments of a diverse population. We deliver on-time sustainable research within discussed budget. One of the USP of our company is that we provide consolidated research from various resources such as government repositories, and private databases in requested foreign languages. All the research information is not always available in a single language. We help you overcome the limitations of language by conducting in-depth multilingual research and providing consolidated results in a language and format of your choice.


Almost everyone will run parallel with this fact that in order to run successful business operations, an in-depth market, and competitors’ research is imperative. Whether starting a new venture or expanding your business globally, collection of more and more information is the very first step to be taken.
Pie Multilingual is a trusted name to provide scientific approach whole performing secondary market research activities. Our in-house team is backed up with a dedicated team of expert market research professional’s offerings results in swift turnaround time and in low investment rates. With 24*7 customer assistance we are more than happy to help, maintaining security of client’s data, an organization to achieve the new heights of success in the market.

Partner with us to get excellent secondary market research services in swift turnaround time at economical price!

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