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Multi-country Social Media Intelligence

Social media marketing research Internet revolution has changed the way how business is conducted globally. Almost every commodity or service is available online for the global customers and this has made the world a small place to live in. As a result, consumers across the whole world are getting increasingly net savvy and choosy while buying any product online. Due to social media revolution, customer feedbacks are no longer a one-to-one situation as all customer feedbacks are now available online. As the social media continues to grow, it has now become absolutely important for organizations to consider this while working on their online marketing strategies.

In an ever increasing situation of customer generated content, it has become very important for you to monitor your customer comments, complaints or reviews and take any marketing decision accordingly to meet potential customer expectations through proper planning and execution.

But how will you maintain so many websites in your day-to-day routine? PIE MULTILINGUAL’s multilingual social media monitoring tool is just the right solution to tackle this scenario.

Outsourcing Social Media Monitoring

Social media analytics enables you to track your customers’ online feedback about your product within a specified time. Keeping a tap on various blogs, forums and social networking sites lets you find out your brand’s position in the global market. Equipped with this knowledge you can strategize your marketing policy and capitalize on new ideas.

User generated content from social media data mining allows you to analyze the information for any range of metrics which includes sentiment of feedback, association of words and volume of posts. You can also access geo-demographic information to see where exactly the conversations are originating from – right down to the country or city.

Social media marketing research also gets you detailed information about the age group, gender, interests of people and other personal information of the participants of a conversation in social sites.

All these help you to determine the right action to increase your business and earn the maximum return on investment.

Social media marketing research benefits

  • Assess your business objectives
  • Determine target audience
  • Design a proper branding of your products
  • Create appropriate content for a social site
  • Measure your progress

At PIE MULTILINGUAL, we have a pool of most experienced multilingual social media experts and we offer the following services:

  • Monitor user-generated content from over 50 plus popular search engines, blogs, forums, chat-rooms and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Give your brand a 360 degree perspective
  • Create your brand’s profile based on your customer feedbacks
  • Generate a report in detail, with complete profile information, links to the posts and suggestions for better results

Social media intelligence will help you to drive business successfully.

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