Software development outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing

Offshore software development in India has flourished since late eighties and it laid the foundation of the Indian software outsourcing industry. Today, it has become a giant in the global scenario, competing with other big multinational suppliers like China and Brazil, mainly in the US and European markets. The situation can be attributed to the pool of technical brains that India is producing consistently since the beginning of the IT boom. Experienced, talented, multilingual resources are coming up on a regular basis to offer specialized customized, value-added services to cater to the global clients.

Through the years, Indian companies have developed structured methodologies, procedures and documentation standards that offer a competitive advantage to their clients. Thus the Indian multinational software companies are constantly opening up development centers and sales offices in various global locations in order to cope up with the ever increasing demand of their services. Due to low cost of labour and high quality of products, global companies are still finding India to be the best place for all their software needs.

Software Development Expert

PIE MULTILINGUAL is one such offshore software development company that can help your organization streamline your internal operations at an unbelievable low cost. Our range of customized software services mainly include creative design, third party verification and validation, software development, maintenance and up-gradation as and when required.

We have an excellent customer service base with 24/7 support in various world languages like English, French, German,Dutch, Japanese and other south Asian languages.
Our existing customers have benefited from our back office support,business on-demand, fast turn-around time, optimization of operational cost and easy to use solutions. We are a technology enabled business processing organization and are mainly focused in eradicating complexity from your system. The main advantages of our approach being:

  • Digitization enabled improved workflow
  • Real-time reporting
  • Task management through mobile devices
  • Customized reporting
  • Integration with your ERP applications

With deep expertise, experience, knowledge, analytical capabilities and infrastructure we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible outcomes for all our clients. Our model is based on responsive service and insights with a high degree of confidence and we’ve been passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. Our well defined processes have enabled us to offer a wide range of services while maintaining quality, effectiveness and responsiveness. Our experienced and technical resources create a pool of talent and they are always ready to answer your calls professionally and in practically any language.

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