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The entire globe, which is now just a mouse click away, seeks the requirement of multilingual video transcription  for webcasts, DVD’S, pod casts and specialized formats. We provide an impeccable accuracy while transcribing the events having a lot of speakers; say for in conferences, meetings, seminars or informal interviews. This vast range limits itself not only up to motion pictures, reality shows, commercials, testimonials; but also has its hand in documentaries, music  video, medical transcription, legal transcription and anything in regard to visual media.

We have the in-house capability to deliver back a transcript of the highest quality. Our assurance for quality is proven with our prestigious clients situated across the globe resulting in repetitive business.


The most well known streams that are in trend nowadays in the terms of visual media are pretty vast. For following a smooth track and ultimately leading to the final destination

and for business interactions for the present and future approach, a company prefers the transcripts of each and every document. Building an expertise we provide the same for:

  • Analyst Briefings
  • Conference calls
  • Movie transcription
  • TV/Movie Commercials
  • Motion Pictures
  • Music Video
  • Movie Scripts
  • Materials for scholastic needs


At PIE, we take due care of the specifications provided by you to handle a particular transcribed file. We have expertise in delivering a wide range of transcription styles and transcript layouts within specific turnaround time.

  • The file will be delivered to you in the desired format keeping in mind the minimum degradation of quality and resolution at the time of conversion.
  • Our approach while providing Multilingual video transcription services is exact and clear to maintain the consistency with the prior business partners as well as the upcoming ones too.
  • Understanding well the business prospects is the major priority to deal with clients. Therefore it is a need for you to choose the correct business partner for outsourcing transcription needs. We provide you with the most comfortable and enriching aspects to see your requirements getting fulfilled.


We take a plenty of time to build a healthy and long lasting business relation with our customers, clear each and every doubt and do proofreading again if demanded by the client. The last word of satisfaction of the customer is most important to us and decides if we have come up to their expectations. We ensure that the files are handled with discretion and care. We go along with your specific needs because we know that “One size does not fit all”.


Pie Multilingual Services progresses with your project keeping in mind the necessary critical factors and profound development of you as well as ours. A delicate heed is paid to ensure that your work is submitted in time and has undergone quality check.

Even if our clients have an extremely tight deadline or limited budget, we feel pleasured to go for the challenge. PIE MULTILINGUAL helps every single person, who is in some way connected to academics, in fulfilling his requirements up to the mark and delivering a fruitful output. Discover the new business venture now and share the multi-millionaire experience entering into a lucrative business.

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