Customer centric approach
We strive to deliver best solution:-
  • Understanding Customer Problem as own
  • Customer interest on priority
  • Provide Customized Solution


To provide end-to-end services and multilingual business outsourcing solutions for global companies, PMS has a customer-centric engagement model that combines local and off-site resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of off-shore operations. This customer-centric model forms the core of the company’s values of how it operates and how it serves customers. PMS reiterates customer as its core focus as it launches its new initiatives for the engagement model. We believe that this customer centric engagement model will redefine the existing market and add the required aggressiveness and value creation in specifically addressing customer concerns.

Our commitment towards our customers defines how we do our business. Years of experience working across various industries justifies the vast array of services that we offer. We have specialized teams as per your domain and technology requirements, offering specialized services and solutions to meet your business goals.


Combined with insights from our centers of excellence, our industry perception allows us to support your business with out-of-the-box solutions, which incorporate the best practices in the industry. With matching engagement models at par with your organization’s size and scale of operations, we are well equipped to make you achieve your business goals by offering new opportunities based on various gain-share or risk-share models. We possess in-depth knowledge, well defined processes and maintain high standards in order to put the right solutions in place.

Some of the industries that we work with are:


We have credible experience to work with leading banks and financial institutions globally. With our comprehensive range of services, we help you attain optimized investments, increased operational efficiencies, minimum risk and sustained growth.


PMS works with governments, public sector entities as well as security establishments enabling smart governance that impacts citizens and consumers. We have a set of multilingual professionals dedicated to focus on the challenges faced by various governments, public sector entities and security establishments. Our experts are vastly experienced to conceptualize, develop and deliver the best possible solutions that allow you to meet the interests of your target audience.


PMS has more than a decade of experience in working with global healthcare giants in various locations all over the world. Equipped with these credentials, we can help you tackle the transformation in your industry through our people, process and world-class multilingual services. You will be able to cope up with rising R&D overheads, patent expiries, and business competition and create a benchmark in patient safety.


In the last decade, the world has witnessed an exponential growth of online media users creating new revenue generation opportunities for the media and information services companies. The companies need to capitalize on the evolving product distribution channels while maintaining the current revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing flexibility at the same time.

PMS’s end-to-end content value chain solutions and services for the media and information services industry helps you from content creation and management to publishing and distribution. We have all the experience and capabilities to build, deploy and support the appropriate solutions to meet your needs.


Retail and consumer product companies operate in dynamic environments, faced with new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. PMS possesses extensive industry and technology knowledge coupled with excellent delivery capabilities. We can provide you the right solutions to overcome any operational challenges, optimize business performance, align technology with your business priorities, reduce overhead and improve your profit margins. Our expertise and experience ensure an increase in your ROI by offering a cutting-edge to your business.

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