The last two decades have seen technology advancing at a very rapid pace. English has no longer remained a central language for business dealings. Spanish, Chinese, French, Mandarin etc are widely used by large section of businesses. Such businesses find a need for foreign language transcription services for transcribing their documents, seminars, interviews, web content etc. Outsourcing to multilingual audio transcription company is the key here to obtaining great output efficiencies.

At Pie Multilingual, we offer proficient transcription and translation services with 100% accuracy guaranteed. The in-house experts efficiently work on interviews, seminars, focus groups, meetings, lecturers, clinical reports, surveys and the list can go on to convert them into native languages. For short turnaround time, up standard quality and cost-effective rates look no further than Pie Multilingual, catering foreign language transcription needs of their clients from decades.


We are a leading edge foreign language transcription service provider offering a wide range of services at cost effective prices. From undertaking audio transcription to offering voice over services to the sub-titling of your video to developing televisual graphics we do it all. Our professionals endeavour to create the most apt transcripts of foreign language video and audio and provide highly accurate and reliable output. With languages other than English competing for equal share as a business language we have built an efficient network of foreign language transcript professionals to execute your projects in the most effective manner.

Foreign Language Transcription Process

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Foreign Language Transcription company will bring multiple business benefits to meet your business demand effectively. Few benefits are mentioned below:

International Quality

We offer professional transcription solutions through our team of committed and experienced professionals, in several European and South East Asian languages.

Advanced technology

Cutting edge software and technologies along with guaranteed security of audio files helps us to provide maximum client satisfaction.

Multiple Media Format

Our technically expert transcriber provide audio to text service in varied media options such as audio CDs, digital videos and other digital formats.

Top level competencies

Our certified transcribers are highly competent and have the ability of pinpointing main speakers at conferences, meetings and discussions.

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At Pie Multilingual, we provide highly efficient multilingual transcription services to several clients from varied industrial sectors. Our dedicated teams ensure the success of projects and the quality output comes at cost effective pricing. We offer language translation and transcription services in about 30 and more foreign languages which are needed for transcription of seminars, meetings, interviews, conferences, court proceedings, medical notes and many more. Our staff includes native speakers which guarantees the reliability of the output. Our multilingual transcription services enable our clients to get the cutting edge advantage that is so much required in the highly competitive market place.

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Provided Bilingual Transcription to renowned University

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A fully dedicated team of professionals capable in doing a thorough and precise research and interpretation is needed when comes to multiple language transcriptions. In addition to that cost effective pricing, security and on time delivery of data is essential.

The experts at Pie Multilingual offer bilingual, multiple language transcription and translation services formats wide range file formats. Partnering with the most trusted and well recognized foreign language transcription organization, where accuracy and confidentiality of each transcription is critical to ensure high-quality byproduct to the client, keeps the companies on the winning side. Also, an additional advantage is we help our clients to understand the process of customer engagement and growing their audiences, results in business goals accomplishment.

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