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Finance outsourcing is an emerging trend among budding companies, providing a cost-effective way for organizations to improve the financial functions as the companies are getting a lot more benefits from it. Financial transcription outsourcing typically involves documentation of business seminars, training sessions, press conferences, annual meetings, corporate results, surveys, financial reports and corporate reports and many more.

Financial transcriptions can be done of many different formats including audio, video, live recordings. Outsourcing financial transcription services facilitate the conversion of a spoken language source into written or printed form.The key benefits of outsourcing for organizations includes advanced technology platforms to gain real-time visibility into their businesses.

Types of Transcription Services You Can Outsource

If you’re considering outsourcing your finances, choosing the right partner to Outsource financial transcription services is important. Pie Multilingual is one such firm offering world’s best for financial transcription services of audio, video or live hours which includes activities like:

Business meetings



Annual meetings

Corporate results

Press releases

Business surveys

Company annual reports

Financial analysis

Several companies are on benefit ranging from minimizing costs and efforts with the transcription of recordings available in different file formats. Also, the customized and optimized solutions, providing a virtually developed copy from the audio, video file.


There are many reasons why companies outsource financial transcription services. Highlighted below are some of the key benefits organizations derive by outsourcing financial transcription services:

By delegating work to the transcriptionist organizations will work in favor as cost reduction, less time and efficient effort, resulting in better productivity for the company.

Organizations can focus on more productive activities like other core internal functions by outsourcing financial transcription.

A well-educated and experienced workforce of a transcribing organization will act as a great communicator, timely delivery of the financial documents with strict adherence to deadlines.

24*7 customer support offered by many financial outsourcing organizations. Companies today are gaining significantly by the delegation of transcription activities to outsourcing providers.


If your organization needs professional financial audio outsourcing in India, we’ve got your back. Pie Multilingual is a pioneer in providing cost effective financial transcription services to its clients. The highly skilled and in-depth knowledge of our man force has made us the first choice for our clients for the financial transcription services.

Moreover, the customized solutions, 99% accuracy level, maintaining security and confidentiality of the data shared, 24*7*365 customer support we transcribe audio and video hours in approximately all formats such as, .mp3, .wma, .mp4 etc. recordings ranging from financial surveys,reports,annual meetings of the companies, press conferences and many more.

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