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There are call centers, which are catering to only English speaking audience for a while and their market is growing rapidly. But with countries like Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and others joining the expanding European Union coupled with the mass hysteria caused by the IT revolution, a next wave of multilingual call center outsourcing has arrived.

These call centers are operating not only in English but also in European languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish and other East European languages. Even in the United States, the demand for bilingual and multilingual call centers has increased considerably to cater to its foreign language speaking population. Therefore, multilingual call center outsourcing, for both voice and non-voice based services has become the need of the hour.

Multilingual Call Center outsourcing

To expand your business globally, you need to opt for multilingual call center services in order to reply to your inbound phone calls, which may come from practically anywhere in the world.  PIE MULTILINGUAL offers similar multilingual call center services to its customers. We have trained and experienced resources at our disposal, who can answer to your calls professionally and in any language. Their diverse experience and educational background create a collective pool of knowledge and talent and they are ever ready to answer all your calls 24/7 on your behalf, maintaining any protocol as per your organization’s policy.

Multilingual Help Desk Support

Are you an organization that has its network spread all over the globe? You will need a helpdesk that speaks your language! Pie Multilingual will provide you with a global helpdesk that speaks several languages which suit the needs of every customer. Choose a language of your choice from our package of multilingual support.

Multilingual Customer Support Services Partnership

Language barriers have to be overcome to provide seamless customer support services. Overcome your issues of language compatibility through our multilingual customer support services. Partner with us to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Multilingual Contact Centre Consultant

Are you an organization with a large customer base that is difficult to manage? Leave this organizational ability to us and get your customers handled in the most efficient manner possible! We provide well structured and targeted interventions that generate high value to our clients.

We offer Multilingual customer service, technical support, telemarketing and back office support. We specialize in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean as well as African languages like Sudanese and Somali. We are capable of translating these languages using our native speaking pool of translators.

You can avail our multilingual call center services for customer support, dealer locating, lead generation and distribution and document translation.

We are focused to give you quality wise the best tailor-made service to meet your specific business needs and our pricing is competitive too.


  • Highly experienced and educated operators
  • Ability to work with practically any foreign language
  • Native speaking resources
  • Competitive pricing
  • World class infrastructure
  • Technical know-how
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Partnering with call center outsourcing company will help you to increase customer satisfaction and it can help you to get increased sales.

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